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Worst service i have ever received

Was quoted a pick up time for my iPhone around 12 noon and was told it would be over 75 for parts and 35 for labour. But when i called in the phone still did not work. I showed up around 3pm and was told to come back in 45 minutes because he had to take his part out of my phone (because i said i will not pay for parts that did not fix my phone). So when i returned, i said i would pay the $35 and for them to give me a discount for the wait and they reacted by being very rude and loud. So i paid them the $35 and noticed my sim car tray was missing and the phone was not put back together properly. (rubbish work) Note to anyone with a broken phone do not go to Westrock Wireless. (Sorry Jason)

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Horrible Battery Buying Experience Beware !!!!!!!!

I purchased a car battery from Westrock Battery exactly 1 year ago. It began to leak battery acid all over the inside of my engine compartment and damaged the battery tray, control arm, brakes, and various other areas as the wind and gravity caused it to spread. I returned the battery to the store and told the manager of my problem in detail. I also told him that the car was a classic collector car that is only driven on warm sunny summer days. Iwas immediately accused of overcharging the battery or freezing the battery in the winter, which of course was not possible. The manager raised his voice and began to shout at me blaming me for the problem. He would not accept the fact that the battery was defective. Another employee had to tell him to go into the back room and take it easy. The battery was covered in acid by the time I arrived at the store and I had burned myself with this acid in carrying it to the store. The manager told me that the battery had begun to gas which he stated voided my warranty. Westrock Battery refused to warranty my battery after only 1 year. I requested a refund or another battery and that I would pay for the difference, considering my battery was 1 year old. They refused to do either. My receipt stated full replacement warranty. They essentially stole $224.00 from me and the manager told me to take him to small claims court. I also have acid damage to my car which has not been estimated at this point in time. Westrock Battery kept the battery. This was a horrible experience. I cannot believe that businesses like this still existd in today's tough economy. Customer service is non existent and they appear to have no respect for their customers and don't care about it. When I asked for the two employees names and the manager's name I was refused. I wanted to bring this matter to the attention of the owner. Unbelievable! Buyer beware of this company!

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Business Details

Batteries For

  • Auto
  • Cordless Drills
  • Farm
  • Floor Scrubber
  • Forklift
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Marine / RV
  • Power Sport Vehicles
  • Railway
  • Truck
  • More...
  • Less...

Batteries For

  • Alarm
  • Camcorder
  • Cellular
  • Cordless Phone
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Laptops
  • R/C Vehicles
  • Toy
  • UPS
  • Wheelchair
  • More...
  • Less...

Batteries Types

  • Alkaline
  • Lithium
  • NiCAD
  • NiMH

Products and Services

  • Accessories
  • Automatic Commercial Marine & RV
  • Batteries For Everything
  • Blems
  • Cables
  • Car Alarm Systems Installed
  • Chargers
  • Clamps
  • Custom Same Day Rebuilding Service
  • Installation
  • New
  • Old Phones Recycling
  • On Site Service
  • Over 1200 Exchange Units In Stock
  • Reconditioning
  • Remote Starters Installed
  • Sharging System Testing While-you-wait
  • Starter / Alternator Rebuilding
  • Trade In Program
  • Used
  • More...
  • Less...

Languages Spoken

  • English

Getting There

  • Between Salter & Sherbrook



Westrock Battery & Auto Supply Ltd (204-784-2310) - Display Ad - Ask About Our100 timer Ask About Our1000 CCA Lifetimer 0 CCA Life BATTERIES Batteries for Everything New, Used, Blems, Reconditioning, Installation Auto, Truck, Power Sport Vehicles, Marine / RV Farm, Floor Scrubber, Forklift, Railway, Heavy Equipment Battery Pack Rebuilding for Cordless Drills, Laptops, R/C Vehicles UPS, Laptop, Camcorder, Cellular, Cordless Phone, Alarm, Emergency Lighting, Wheelchair, Toy, Lithium, NiCAD, NiMH, Alkaline Chargers, Cables, Clamps and Accessories Starter/Alternator Rebuilding Automatic Commercial Marine & RV Custom Same Day Rebuilding Service Over 1200 Exchange Units in Stock Installation Available Charging System Testing While-U-Wait Remote Starters and Car Alarm Systems Installed www.westrock.ca 204-784-2310 601 LOGAN AVENUE (between Salter & Sherbrook) 1 of 2