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Different, Discovery, Variety. There is something for everyone in this restaurant. tip: If you order the chicken shawarma ask for more garlic sauce. Bilingual service offered.

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The Grocery area is great but the food was not!

If you're looking for some unusual ingredients for your own 'exotic' cooking at home, the Blue Olive's grocery area is definitely the place to visit. Some unsual items that you can't find anywhere else in Moncton. However, would I eat there again? Probably not. Although not crowded (there were about 6 other people there) they 'lost' our order. The hummus was great (but in my opinion, it's very difficult to make bad hummus) but the rest of the meal was dry and tasteless. Perhaps warming too long in the microwave? The falafel was dry and boring, the couscous and rice were extremely dry and crispy (not a good thing) and the salad was not all that fresh.

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