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Bought a used veh...

Bought a used vehicule. After getting a seperate inspection done; realized that the brakes, calipers had seized and needed servicing. After 5-6 phone calls and many emails, still can't get an approriate refund from them. It's been 4 months. Good pre-sale service; horrible after sale customer service. Customer is never right at Summit Dodge...


If I could take away stars I would

I'll keep this as brief as possible. I scheduled a repair to be done for warranty work found by Summit Dodge upon annual inspection. I called 2 weeks in advance to schedule the work, thinking the parts would have been ordered then, and when I dropped off my truck to be repaired, all they did was hoist it up, confirm that the ball joints needed to be repaired, and brought it down again only to re-schedule another day to do the work. This is one of many times I have had problems with this service center about having work done to my vehicles and drove away with nothing done. Their complete and utter lack of professionalism, laziness and incompetence is completely unacceptable. If you can take your vehicle anywhere outside the Summit Dodge circle of Dodge dealerships, do it. You will be much better off for it.



I'll keep it short and sweet. Summit Dodge in Fredericton loves your money and makes you feel certain the vehicle is for you. With the highest level of warranty coverage and after accepting a low blow trade in price for my '05 nissan, I felt comforted by a low interest rate for my new 2011 van. Now not even a week later, plates not even on the vehicle new. My van's tire was flat with a hole on the inside on the side, not repairable. Hoping for a tire swap, I find myself getting the "Not Covered," "Unfortunate," " Bad luck," and " what do you want me to do about it?" talk. They offered the tire and installation at cost whenever they could order one in. I left unhappy and was able to get a new tire plus installation CHEAPER than their cost with their competitor SAME DAY. Lesson learned at Summit-- Customer Service Stops at the Sale.


Business the old fashion way

I bought a vehicle from Summit Dodge 3 1/2 years ago, and have since moved to Halifax. I was having transmission problems which I tried to have fixed in Halifax under warranty a couple of times with no success. When I bought the vehicle it was a demo that the owners wife was driving, and it had 13,000 km on it, and as part of the negotiation, Summit Dodge had agreed to give me a extended warranty so that I would get the 100,000 km warranty from 13,000 km, effectively giving me a warranty up to 113,000 on the power train. As my vehicle approached the 113,000 km, I thought that I would just take it to Fredericton to see if Summit could fix it. The only problem was that I could not find the warranty papers, it had gotten misplaced during our move, and I searched high and low. I called Summit hoping that they could find it, but they could not. I ended up speaking with the service manager Sandy, and after I explained my situation, he spoke with the owner JJ, and they agreed based on my word, and their memory of 3 1/2 years ago to honour the warranty even though there was no paper trail. Not only did they fix my transmission problem, which was attempted twice in Halifax, I was not charged anything for the repair. I would recommend to anyone in Fredericton looking for a new vehicle, work with these guys, they do business the old fashion way.

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