Dr. Zhang is excited to offer the power of relationship centered healing to his patients. Through his 25 years extensive clinic experience, he has experienced the tremendous results of Acupuncture treatment. Thousands of patients have benefited from his clinic. He invites you to call him today to learn how you may benefit from acupuncture. You may call him "Dr. Song" (Zhang, one of the biggest family name in China) or "Way" (Hui, Chinese means sunrise, similarly pronounced "Way"). More...

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Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Clinic (506-382-1288) - Display Ad - Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Clinic HUI ZHANG (MD in China) Chief Physician at Hubei Provincial TCM Hospital for ten years Graduated from Hubei University of Chinese Medicine in 1985 29 Years Clinic Experience in China & Canada Covered By Most Insurance Plans We are experienced in helping: All types of Pain/Insomnia/Depression/Anxiety Face Lift/Eczema/Allergy/Arthritis/Infertility Pediatric Care/Fibromyalgia/Sciatica Whiplash/Menopause/Weight Loss/Stop Smoking And more......Disposable Needles 382-1288 1269 Mountain Rd www.acupuncturehui.com Painless Acupuncture, Massage & Chinese Herb

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