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165 Main St, Moncton, NB E1C 1B8
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Great service. Ne...

Great service. Never had a problem at all


I always seem to ...

I always seem to be turned away. They won't take babies under 1 year old, stating that "the doctors here won't see them" however all the other clinics will, and when I spoke to a Dr. at that clinic one day he said he didn't know why they said that because he would see babies under a year.


Terrible Service

Tried to book a appointment with a doctor there regarding my husband's heartburn and wanting a prescription for something that would help. They turned us away saying they don't 'deal with issues like that'' and to go to the emergency room and wait there.. When I told her that he didn't have time to go sit there for 7 hours and that other clinics would do it and why don't they she just said 'I don't know what to tell you except we can't help ' very rude. Will not be going there anymore.


They don't care

Instead of wanting to wait 5 to 10 hours in outpatient I thought I would call to book an appointment to see a doctor, they picked up the phone asked what I wanted, I told them my issue not even a half a second later all I hear is loud cackling coming from the receptions in the back and the rep telling me that they don't "deal" with that their and that I have to go to outpatient. Our healthcare system is horrible and this was a prime example of that.


Very very very poor

Very very very poor service. Staff was completely rude, and on more than one occasion I was told they couldn't see patients with my condition. Not only was the service unacceptable, but the entire staff was rude, unwilling to help, and vet snobby. Will never waste my time there again. Absolutely do not recommend to anyone.


Excellent !!

Staff are very friendly - Dr. is excellent - With kids always sick it nice to be able to call, make and appointment and know you will be in to see the doctor with in 5-10 minutes of the appointment time. Recommend to everyone


Excellent Clinic

I brought my son in, very little wait, staff were kind and the Doctor was sharp, quick and very helpful. It was a 2 week wait to get in to my family Doc. Would recommend to anyone!


Clinic at a handy location, yet not as pleasant

I have visited this clinic for several times for various reasons, I'm generally satisfied with the service they provided. I visited this clinic for flu, allergies, etc. in after hours when my family doctor was not available. I did like this clinic was at a good location; it was the main reason I came here for times. Yet I've been many times doubtful if I received pleasant service. The doctors were professional, yet, I do not know why one (or two) of them was always blunt explaining what caused this symptom and how I get rid of the source of this matter from my body/environment, etc. to prevent it from re-occuring. It seemed they just mechanically prescribe medicine, and, if they don't work, tell me to try another one. I still suffer from similar symptom (I guess it's chronical) and I ended up going to hospital, now am getting hopeful medication. I like this clinic -is popular as well- but I am definitely not a supporter of this clinic.

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