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Barley Malt & Vine Co Ltd

71 City Rd, Saint John, NB E2L 3M6
Barley Malt & Vine is southern New Brunswick's largest home brew store, but we're SO much more than that! The products we carry are the best on the market whether its wine kits, beer kits or pet food. YES, Pet Food!

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We unfortunately ...

We unfortunately had a poor experience at this store. We live 2 hours away but had multiple books with BOGO coupons that state "one per person, per visit". We called a week on advance to inquire about what qualified as a separate visit. We were informed that leaving the store and returning was all we needed to do. That settles we decided it was worth the 2 hour drive to redeem the coupons. Upon arrival we were greeted and helped to choose out wine and offered samples to try. Unfortunately after redeeming our coupons and confirming that we would be back for the seperate visit we were suddenly put on the spot by the employee stating that it had to be different days. We attempted to argue our point of view that we called in advance to make sure that we could do this but to no avail. There were no apologies. Simply a statement that someone must have made a mistake. We asked another couple to use the coupon for us. To which they were agreeable until the employee took them to the side an said no, even though it would be seperate customers. At this point were noticeably upset and our voices started to be raised and we do apologize for this. However as a business, you would think you would understand customer service better. For us to call in advance and then get there to a complete 180 is an unacceptable business practice. The company should have acknowledged their mistake for what us but follow up with the agreement that was made with us on the phone. Instead all you got was upset customers and upset employees (who I would like to state, were completely professional the entire time). Yes we are very upset. And we are sorry that the employees took the brunt of it for bonnie decision. But our reaction is more than justified about this bad business practice.

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