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I called four paw...

I called four paws for the first time today to ask if they offered cat clippings and how they did it. The receptionist knew nothing about any of the services they offered for cats, she couldnt even tell me how they clip the cats nails and she went to ask someone and they couldnt even give me an answer. As a pet owner i dont think i would bring my cat to a groomer that cant explain how they would clip my cats nails.


We've been taking...

We've been taking our dog here for 8 year (2006 - present). Always, always have great service and they take great care of our dog. He comes back a handsome little man. :)


Bad service

Took my German Shep dog in for a bath. Got her home, over next two days notice her fur was still not laying flat from blow dry. Take a closer look, and notice that they shaved the ridge line on her back and tried to blend it to her neck and shoulders. I never asked for a clip of her coat or a shave. Never a need to shave or clip the back of a GSD!!! Called in and explained what was up. Was told they would get back to me. Waited the day for a call back but got nothing. Poor move on their part, because now they lost 4 dogs worth of service as I will never return with my two, and my mother and sister will never take in their dogs. Before pic of my dog laying on the grass. Note the long hair going down her shoulders and back. After pic is of her sitting and you can see the long tan guard hairs are cut short.

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