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Terrible Store, Staff even worse

i only go to this store when i absolutely need to, i work in the construction business and most of my co workers have told me repeatedly to stay clear of this place. i happened to be in a rush today and needed some various large size bolts and nuts. After sifting through their unorganized shelves i couldnt find what i was looking for. i went to the cash desk and asked the young lady working what i was looking for and she stood there with a dumb look on her face until someone came out of the back and she preceded to pawn me off on him. i dont know who this guy was, but he made it seem like i was cutting into his lunch break or something. once again i ask for the specific size bolt i need and, im not kidding you, this is what he says to me '' Aisle 3, everythings labled, go look yourself.'' then i responded, i have looked sir, i cant seem to find it. he then quickly responds with ''well then we dont have it''. wow i mean wow youd think they would just make an effort or even fake going into the back and checking or something. so i said thank you and told him me, nor my 18 employees would ever return to his store. A little bit of customer service goes a long way. In short, stay clear of this place, i always try to buy from local businesses, but even walmart employees look like angels next to this bunch. terrible staff, terrible store, terrible experience always. thanks

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