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You can count on Dartmouth-based Aabel Fuels for timely and efficient delivery of furnace oil, diesel oil, dyed diesel oil and more. We're a family owned and operated business, and we stand behind our competitive rates and our commitment to provide exceptional service to our customers. Call us or view our website for details about our service area and automatic deliveries. More...

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Always excellent service

I'm very surprised at the negative reviews for this company. It always becomes an "emergency" when you are actually out of oil so some pre-planning on the homeowners part would save a lot of headaches. I have used them for some time now and customer service is excellent and they have always delivered on time every time. Price is always competitive and they are a pleasure to deal with!


Waited 5 hrs for Emergency Delivery - Driver left

Called at 9:30pm for emergency oil delivery, and gave all my info. Call service said they would call driver. By 2:30am, no delivery. Called back and was told the driver had gone home for the night at 9:30pm. Had I known, I could have called another company for emergency delivery. Now I am still up, but this time waiting for my pipes to freeze. I suspect the driver already had enough emergency deliveries for the night at an extra $75 a delivery, and did not want to drive out to Prospect. Ask the Call Service person to let the office staff know what happened and ensure I get service first thing in the morning. The only thing that might change if it that really happens. But as for emergency service requirements, I will not be using AAble as they are not willing and able when I call for an emergency delivery, nor was there any customer service actions to call and notify me that there would be no delivery.


thank you

oil put in wrong tank, it was not the drivers fault. He did what was on the order form. I didn't make the call until after four so most of the staff are gone home, they let me speak to the manager Chris, he let me know that it said the wrong tank number on the form and when I looked , he was right. it was the wrong number on the slip. I insist that I gave the lady the right information when I placed my order. he said that he could not do anything to help me, and that he would get someone to call in the morning. I wasn't very nice to that young man on the phone after he said he couldn't help I was very up set and rude to him. Today I spoke to the owner Jeannie , and she let me know that she was there listing t when I was giving my order to the lady . she said that she thought that we both were wrong , Ya know most times we all need to think were right I don't know if I am or if she wrote it down. wrong, I don't know but what I do know for sure is that if someone called my business and was rude to my worker as I was to young Chris, they would not get the kind of understanding and the respect that I did from this owner . I just want to say thank you for fixing the mix up I'm nice and warm tonight, and your staff even when I called back the lady that took my order was the same lady that answer the phone call today she was very polite, so I guess what I'm trying to say is even when I was being a total twit your staff rocked, THANK YOU. I now remember why I started to use your family business.


Very satisfied

I was surprised at the two reviews this company has received. We have always had excellent service with Aable and have been using them for a couple years. Friendly staff that answer the phone and delivery always available within 1-3 days max. Prices are much more reasonable than the "big" oil companies and they do not require a minimum fill up.



Service is TERRIBLE. Ordered FILL for OIL on Tuesday Jan 10th for Saturday Jan 14th and driver was a no show!! Oil tank is empty and will run out soon. UNACCEPTABLE service for West Dover!!



AAbel fuels is the absolute worst oil company you can deal with , in reguards to furnace oil.. my family and i had an empty tank, so we called on a saturday, they said monday for sure so i took monday off of work, lost 175 dollars that day, called asked why no delivery oh we meant tuesday they said , stayed home again another 175 dollars lost , this was a cash delivery . My recomendation NEVER USE THIS COMPANY, HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!

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AABEL Fuels (902-462-8071) - Display Ad - Your 1st Choice In Home Heating We re Ready, Willing & Aabel to Meet Your Heating Needs Serving Metro & Surrounding Areas since 1996 Furnace Oil   Burner Service   Automatic Delivery Diesel   Dyed Diesel Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville, Mount Uniacke, Fall River, Waverley, Musquodoboit, Chezzetcook, Ketch Harbour, Prospect, East & West Dover, French Village, St. Margarets Bay, Hubbards Windsor, Sheet Harbour Locally Owned & Operated 24 Hour Burner Service Available AABEL 902462-8071902 869-2199 69 Lakecrest Dr, DARTMOUTH745 Sackville Dr, SACKVILLE 902885-3252902 798-2143 SHEET HARBOUR WINDSOR 902 492-6898 all available at your door 19 Alma Cres, HALIFAX www.aabelfuels.ca