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Worst bouquet of ...

Worst bouquet of flowers I had ever gotten. Sent by my daughter so I know they were pricey. Minimum order would be about $50. 1 tulip 6 different carnations and filler They didn't match. Some were drooping and would be lucky to last 2 days. The additive package was from the Superstore so would not surprise me if that is where they came from. It seems like they ran out and put whatever they could scrounge up. Save your money and pick up much nicer from the grocery at a 1/10th the cost.

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Ruined Valentine'...

Ruined Valentine's Day! I ordered a bouquet of 12 carnations on Feb 10th and paid upfront, also leaving my phone number in case they needed to contact me for any reason. Upon collection they had run out of carnations and decided to substitute them with roses (still not totalling 12 flowers!). I explained that I specifically ordered carnations as my girlfriend does not like roses, so they then rearranged the bouquet with carnations which hadn't yet opened, making for an extremely sorry looking bouquet. At this point I opted for a refund, so it's now Valentine's Day and I'm left searching for a bouquet of carnations, having already made the arrangement well in advance and being let down by these amateurs! In all honesty, given that this is their primary business, and the prices they charge, the flowers available at the local supermarkets and grocery stores are every bit as good and half the price! The only reason I can see that this shop is still operating is that they are the only florist within a considerable radius and naturally one would expect a florist to offer a higher standard ...what a disappointment. To add insult to injury there wasn't even an apology for leaving me in the lurch on Valentine's Day. Terrible product, terrible value, terrible service, terrible customer care.

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