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I used this bus for several times, and today in the bus I seriously reconsidered purchasing tickets from this company ever again in my life. I did round trip Moncton NB-Halifax, NS. In the bus from Halifax to Moncton, the bus stopped 4 times by the side of the highway, with the driver outside. She said wiper isnt working (twas a rainy day) and is waiting for the mechanic to arrive. The mechanic Never arrived. I felt very unsafe while in the bus stopped on the edge of the highway, where it shaked every time a car passed by it. Today, I decided to write this review because this bus driver in the bus from Moncton to Halifax has a clock displaying a wrong time. Moreover, the bus stopped in the highway and REVERSED. On the highway. Who does this? And no one explains, bus driver is ignorant, nobody said sorry for my time lost yesterday because of frequent stops, that delayed my arrival

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