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I got my car undercoated at Perma Shine today and was extremely dissapointed. I got to the location (fairly hard to discern as there is very little signage) and as I walked up to the door I noticed a warning on the door that said must have exact mileage for records. I went back and wrote down my mileage. The employee who checked my car in never asked for it so I went about my day. When I got back to pick up my car I noticed that the mileage had changed by 61km, when it was never supposed to have left the shop. I asked the receptionist why it was different and she said that they don't actually do undercoating at that location so they drove my car across town to do it at a sister company. No apology, no compensation for gas, nothing. Furthermore, they neglected to tell me that the undercoating would stay wet for awhile, so without knowing my trunk would even be undercoated I opened it and got a palm full of sticky black tar. Needless to say I am disgusted by the lack of professionalism from this company. They should have mentioned that they didn't actually offer the services they advertise on site. They should have never driven my car across town without my permission, and should have at least told me about this when I called to make the appointment. I do NOT recommend Permashine.

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