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I was served by a...

I was served by a man in glasses tonight. I thought I'd try the humans and pita wedges. After he took my money, he man-handled my food before washing his hands, or even putting on gloves. I didn't say anything - why? because I was probably going to start screaming if I did. Terrible attitude, not one smile, he even rolled his eyes at me when he asked if I wanted my pita cut up. How is he working there?


Tasty food, lots of new choices!

New ownership revitalized this place a bit (not that it was lacking for business before - it just looks a thousand times better with improved tables, décor, food prep area, etc.) Food was tasty and there are lots of new selections on the menu. I didn't have any problems with the service.


Bad, BAD service!

I have never in my life had the horrible service that I experienced in Venus Pizza on Barrington Street, Halifax, NS. This was our first time there. The man, who was possibly the owner, was the WORST. He was yelling at people, rushing everyone, he threw a package of donair shells on the floor and stormed away because he was angry. He made faces at us and was extremely rude. He yelled at each of us either regarding our order, what we wanted, etc. I can't believe I paid for someone to speak to me and belittle me like this. The food was certainly not worth the awful service we endured while there. We will never go back and wouldn't wish this type of behavior or service on anyone. Never again!

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