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Very poor service

My wife and I were in Sydney today and we decided to have a meal before we headed back to Halifax.I suggested Smittys because we had eaten there a couple of years before and the meal and service were excellent.when we got to the location we were surprised that there was a new smittys and the old one was torn down.We entered the restaurant and were waiting to be seated I noticed that about seven tables were occupied.Finally a waitress approached us and told us that it would take a few minutes until we could be seated.After about a 15 minute wait she cleaned a table and we were escorted to the table.She asked what we would like to drink, we said coffee and she served us coffee then left.I looked at all the tables that were empty and noticed three tables that were stacked with dirty dishes full with left over food.There was no menus for us to look at and after twenty minutes we got up and left.I stopped and asked the girl who seated us how much the coffee was and she asked if we were going to wait for food I told her that we were never served.Actually its a nice looking restaurant but the service was non existent and the left over food laying around can ruin your appetite.

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