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Dr Ross is a very...

Dr Ross is a very caring veterarian. He keeps costs to minimum while still giving excellent care to my dogs.

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My cat went in fo...

My cat went in for a precautionary examination of which he had elsewhere before with success. I was told to sign a form and told to wait while the cat was examined. The cat's screaming was intense and i asked to comfort him. As three assistants held him down I was told it wasn't necessary. After many more minutes of screaming I was told to leave and he would stay overnight for more treatment. I was cakkeunder an hour later that he was dead of a heart attack. I picked up the body and eas told he was sicjer then they thought abd had elevated of potassium and other chemicals that caused his demise. After 15 years i took my business to another vet close to my home in Windsor. I had given them nany recferraks over the years and am left with haunting memories of what was a strong healthy cats last moments of agony. The last treatment for crystal removal at the Walker Animal hospital was done with full anistetics of which I was able to observe snd painless to the cat. He had been in much worse shape and recovered dully with follow up at the Amherstburg Clinic. I regret bringing my cat there now and hope I am not charged for services rendered.

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