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A Great Place to Go

The Brassie is a great place to go with a group of friends. Personally, I go on Tuesdays for the Trivia Night and have a great time, even though the competition is pretty stiff. Often times there are 10 or more teams and the place is full, so the service leaves something to be desired, and even when its not busy there are often mix-ups with orders (usually minor). The quality of the food has really improved over the last year or so and the price is comparable to other pubs in the area. As long as you don't come on Tuesday, you can usually count on a table for a larger group (6 or more).


Great Community Feel

The Brassie has become a "hub" for Ancaster's residents to socialize, relax and enjoy each other's company. There is something for everyone... poker nights, karaoke, trivia tournaments, Sunday brunch, party share plates, fancy dinners.. I've been to the Brassie countless times and have never left disappointed. The waiting staff are friendly and attentive, even when they are packed. Despite the occasional wait to catch a waiter's eye to ask for a refill, I have no complaints about the service. One thing that always stands out to me is the owner. Whenever I see him, he is greeting customers, constructively supporting his staff and doing spot checks of meals. Last week he came over to our table, asked how our meal was and offered us more of our side dish. A great example of someone who cares about his business and reputation. The food at the Brassie is pretty good - it's pub food but with a nicer touch. If you feel like something greasy, there is always the "heart attack in a basket" team platter to share, but many healthy options as well. The menu is suited to all ages, events and outing types. You can enjoy a nice dinner for two or share a plate of greasy pub food over a pitcher with friends. I love the Brassie because it feels like a great community location - after a while you really start to notice familiar faces.


Nice change from the chain restaurants

I've been to the brassie numerous times and have not been dissappointed by the food. It can be a bit noisy at times but thats because so many people go there! The menu has a lot of options too. A nice restaurant to try thats something different from all the Chain restaurants.


I like it for what it is

Unlike previous reviews, I really can't say anything bad about the Brassie. We arrived after a round of golf. Ordered cold beer and wings. This neighbourhood Pub lives up to it's relatives everywhere. Lots of bar banter, laughter and the food, it is what one would expect from a pub. Good but not worthy of Chef Ramsay-but what is? Service was a little slow but we were no in a hurry and the atmosphere was excellent. Very attractive and personable staff. We're definitely going back. Keep up the good work Brassie!!


I think these reviews are written by friends of...

I think these reviews are written by friends of the staff, because that's the only way anyone gets any service at that dump. It seems the staff totally ignores you if you're not on a first name basis with them. In Ancaster this place is a JOKE that only losers who just turned 19 go to relive highschool-esque drama. It gets so full of loud blowhard jocks that you literally cannot move, an obvious violation of fire codes. The only reason it does as well as it does is that it is literally the ONLY place to drink within about ten square miles of the "downtown" area that stays open past 9PM. Save yourself a headache and avoid this place.

Price Range: $10per person


Great Food and Great Service

We've been going to The Brassie for Karaoke for a couple of years and finally a few months ago decided to get something to eat before the evening started. We were so impressed by the food that we immediately decided to make this a regular stop for us. The owner/manager is a great host and treats us like friends and the staff is extremely friendly. Every time we come into the restaurant, our drinks are always at our table as we sit down. The portion sizes are large, which suits us just fine. We always leave feeling completely satisfied. I'm afraid to go to other restaurants now because I know that The Brassie is a sure bet every time. The theme from “Cheers” comes to mind when we think of the Brassie. Highly recommended.

Price Range: $25per person


Most of the food was completely devoid of flavour...

Most of the food was completely devoid of flavour and any that did exist was bizarre, e.g. the Tabasco-sauced "curry". Everything seemed to be pulled from the bottom of a freezer and heated. Stale, hard fries, completely bland fajitas with cheese and other fillings that actually managed to taste of nothing. The atmosphere is British-pub-circa-mid-70's, with garish carpet, "atmospheric" memorabilia, ugly wooden chairs, etc. Service was fast and friendly and drinks were fine so for a pint it's OK; just eat elsewhere.

Price Range: $25per person


This particular visit was mid-day on a Sunday...

This particular visit was mid-day on a Sunday --which, we were informed upon our arrival, is the day and time local baseball teams enjoy after game drinks. The pub, therefore, was terribly noisy and we considered leaving (we were with an elderly woman), but the bar manager (?) asked us if we could be helped and was so pleasant that we decided to stay. We were glad we did. The service was friendly and attentive. The two women I was with truly enjoyed their desserts (and were making plans to return later in the week by the time we left). After the ball players had left, the noise died down and it was a great experience. I really like the fireplace and the book shelves.

Price Range: $25per person

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