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Love the place, e...

Love the place, everything is made with real Italian ingredients. You can even shop as if you were in Rome. If you want to remember Italy ,that is the place to be, even the prices are the same as in Italy.


Stone oven pizza is awsome

I have to agree with the other review in that the service can sometimes be lacking, but it's pretty hard to find decent stone oven pizza in Aurora. In that respect I give them two thumbs up. It's a bit pricey, but worth it in my opinion.


Hire Chimps to Improve Service!

This restaurant would be better off if they hired chimps, slapped a nino d'aversa t-shirt on their backs, and handed them menus. The level of incompetence of the servers is unheard of and it doesn't get better when you get to the management level. I wouldn't return to eat here if Jesus himself recommended it!

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