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You will be disappointed...

Not only do the receptionists have terrible attitudes but it takes so long to get an appointment. I have waited two weeks for an appointment &today I showed up for it & they tell me Dr. Singh is not in today. and they tried getting a hold of me, yet there were no missed calls or messages from them on my phone, now I'm told I have to wait another week for an appointment. This is not the first time I've had a bad experience with this doctor and her office. I'll be looking for a new doctor..again


Filled out the ap...

Filled out the application form in May, got an introduction appointment in June, next possible date for an annual physical was October. I went there, the assistant confirmed that I was there for a complete physical, Dr. Zingh came in the room, after a short talk she said "oh, there's no blood work, didn't you get any done?". No, I did not. Nobody told me to. I received a form for the lab - and a new appointment in December, which I'll gladly cancel. This place is a joke.


Not impressed..

I was so happy to finally have a family doctor. Saw my doctor ONCE, she was great and very friendly. Now if I try to call the clinic to make an appointment it automatically says the caller is unavailable and hangs up. I dropped by the clinic THREE times during their regular office hours (which are horrible by the way only weekdays until 4), and the door was locked.. I'm not sure what's going on but I am extremely disapointed and am considering finding an new family doctor at an other clinic..


Great to have a f...

Great to have a family doctor again. Lovely girls up front. Such a beautiful office, not your typical doctors office thats for sure!


The wait times we...

The wait times were a little long, took about 15 minutes to see my doc. The front staff are super friendly and remember me personally every time I come in. Doc was efficient and thorough. Happy with my family doctor


Girls who work on...

Girls who work on the front desk are terrible. Need an appointment for a problem on Monday? They give you an appointment on Friday. If you say anything, they tell you to go to the clinic or the hospital. Keep you on hold for 15 minutes or more every time you call. Told me Dr.Singh has over 1,000 patients. Then perhaps she has taken on too many?

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