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Fantastic facility

I started classes at K9 Central after rescuing my little terrier who was super nervous and shy of bigger dogs and most people. Their friendly staff and caring demeanour really helped her come out of her shell, become more confident and much happier. I use several of the services offered there including training classes, grooming and pool membership. I have never had an issue with any service and my dogs now actually get excited when we pull in the driveway there! I have had my little dog groomed at several different places and upon getting her back she has always had the clipper marks left in her fur; She has been groomed at K9 Central three times so far and never have I seen that happen, so far nothing but a neat clean happy dog upon pick up. I would definitely recommend K9 Central for all things dog!

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Doggy Heaven!

We tried K9 Central on the advice of a friend. We were amazed at the amount of facilities available to people who love to do fun things with their dogs. We began with a crazy puppy who was high energy and frustrating in a class so we inquired about private classes. Private lessons were the best way to go for us and we got individual attention without a huge price tag. As we got more comfortable with our training we were able to introduce ourselves to training with others and other dogs gradually. We have now graduated to agility in a class setting and dock diving. It's a family outing and lots of fun for both humans and canines! We have trusted K9 to look after our babies in doggy daycare and they howlto go there when we drive into the driveway. Very polite staff.

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A top training, grooming and boarding facility

I wanted to thank Morgan and her staff for grooming my Shih Tzu, Skye. I love the new hair cut, and I believe Skye does too. I have been going to classes, shows, and renting the agility field at K 9 Central for years now. The staff has always been caring and knowledgeable. As soon as I turn onto Holt Rd the noise level goes up in the car as the three dogs all know where they are going and cannot wait to get there. I have one dog that is frightened of so many things, but as soon as he gets to K9 Central you could not see a more confident, happier dog. I highly recommend K9 Central. Stephanie, Skye, Kenzie and Possum

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not bad but won't be going back

Positives: friendly staff, very accommadating. dog looked great after grooming Negative: 60.00 for a shampoo, nail trim and brush, labrador=a little expensive dog was extremely thirsty when leaving and urinated for a good minute. I don't think she was given water or taken outside while there for her grooming (8:30-2:30)

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March 8, 2012

All dogs visiting our facility are taken for a midday pee break after their bath. Not only is this a nice time for the dog to relax and enjoy a break, but it is great for the groomer too as they do not have to worry about little 'accidents' on the grooming table or in the grooming room. As such, the midday pee break is mandatory. As well, if the owner cannot pick-up their dog immediately after being finished, the dog is taken for another pee break and then every hour or so while waiting. I'd also like to suggest that you should not give your dog water for the first ½ hour upon arriving home. When a dog goes home, your best friend is excited and excitement leads to thirst. Give your dog only a small amount of water or ice cubes. If your dog drinks a large amount of water, this may lead to stomach upset. It's better to let them relax a little first and then give them water and a bite to eat. Price quoted in the review includes HST.


Great Facility, poor class structure

I have taken a few classes at Superdog Central due to it seeming like an amazing place. The facilities themselves are wonderful. The classroom size, the outdoor availability etc. However, in the 4 classes I have taken with Superdog Central, I have yet to have a positive experience. I have taken the "sport" classes (agility, flyball, rally). The classes were consistently overcrowded (got maybe 1 or 2 turns on the equipment each class). Aggressive dogs were not handled appropriately at all. I was informed that Border Collies are "supposed to be high strung and aggressive" and that we were simply to keep our distance from these ill behaved, lunging, barking and growling dogs. In other classes that I have taken elsewhere, the dogs would have to take private lessons if they behaved that way. I found Superdog Central's way to be a lack of regard for others safety. We were banned from saying the word "no" to our dogs. If I am concerned for my dog's safety the word NO can be a life saver. I found that to really take the whole "positive only" approach way too far. My dog was terrified. So much so that the activities she once loved to practice at home, she has no interest in. These classes effectively ruined her joy of these sports. I keep finding myself to want to try again (hence the FOUR times I have done this). And each time I find myself disappointed. It's really unfortunate, I do want them to work out.

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January 6, 2012

SuperDog Central Inc is a positive based training facility which excels in high energy dog sports such as flyball, dock diving and agility. Each class has a maximum of 8 students with one instructor and up to 2 assistants in our 6000 square foot training hall. We use positive words while training and try to avoid the negative and reward the positive. When dogs offer inappropriate behaviors we like to use the words - wrong, too bad, try again and teach them the correct behavior. Not all dogs are suited for high-drive dog sports, yet the ones that love it are more than enthusiastic with their high energy barking, while cheering the other dogs on in flyball, sheer determination and focus in agility and true love for the sports. It is all about fun and enjoying the time spent with your canine companion. :)



Just graduated @ SuperDogCentral at the Basic Manners class. Great time and interaction for both "Ace" and myself. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Facility has kennel, daycare and wide variety of classes. Maybe Dock Diving next??

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