The Elite Electrolysis Clinic has been offering quality service in hair removal in the Bradford area since September 1994. All appointments are confidential and in a comfortable home setting. We use only pre-sterilized disposable needles and use an autoclave for sterilization of the tweezers. The Elite Electrolysis Clinic follows all standards recommended by the Ontario Ministry of Health for electrolysis. Electrolysis is not a "quick fix" and takes time and commitment. However, it is the Only method of permanent hair removal. There are other methods that make that claim, but electrolysis is the only proven method for Permanent Hair Removal. It can be used on any body part on any colour of skin and hair. It doesn't matter how fair or dark you are. More...
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Friendly and welcoming

It's like visiting a friend! Very private, personal and friendly service. Have used Elite for years, Highly recommended!

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