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They only casuall...

They only casually sprayed the underside of the car and door locks. did not treat the inner panels at all. To me, it was a waste of my time and money. I is a scam.

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rust proofing

i went there for rust proofing and the service was good and there prices are very affordable i went back and did the oil change for my car overall they have a done a good job

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Wasted my time!

Don't come here if your car is lowered. This shop's mechanic as no capability to lift your car up. I waited 45 minutes before they telling me my car is low, they can't lift it up or they will try to do it but they won't be responsible if my car is damaged?!! I went to at least 3 other shops that does rust proof, no one turned me down cos the lowered suspension of my car. Never ever come back again. Do not recommend.

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Despite what they say, does not offer Rust Check

Their website says they offer "Rust Check", which is a process involving drilling holes into the cars panels and spraying in some chemical. I called and confirmed and they said yes they do "Rust Check". I ordered the service from a Groupon deal (which also identified the service as "Rust Check"). Had the service done today and I watched them do it, there were no holes drilled. They sprayed the un-painted areas of the car with some coating: the undercarriage, wheel wells, part of under hood, part of bottom of trunk, and part of door frame where the hinges are. Afterwards I asked why no holes were drilled and the guy told me it is not "Rust Check" it is "Rust Stop". The guy was friendly enough, but is clearly misleading people on purpose.

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I didn't get what I was promised over phone

Before going, I called them and asked if oiling included in the rustproofing, and what kind of rustproofing they use. I asked twice. Both times the answer was: "We use Rust Check", and "Yes, the oiling is included with your option". When I came there, it turns to be Rust Stop (cheaper version), with no oiling (oiling is drilling small holes and rustproofing inside hidden panels). When I asked, they denied the call ever happened (I have a pic from my call log to prove it DID happen). When I asked to clean windshield and other windows sprayed with mist of their chemicals, they only sprayed windshield and said "now use your wipers", and shut their door.

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