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The only word that comes to my mind when thinking about the role that Sahib physiotherapy has had in my recovery is relief. for the last 2 years (since I was involved in a car accident) I have been suffering from severe pain to both my shoulders, and limited range of motion, thanks to the experienced therapists at the clinic my range has gone back to normal and my pain a lot more managable. I would strongly recommend people to use their services, you will find a experience and professionalism in a peaceful and warm environment


Satisfied Customer

I suffered a great deal from a recent car accident. A friend took me to this clinic seeking help for my injuries. I am very impressed with their services and wonderful staff. The atmosphere is very friendly; not only do they go out of their way to make you feel comfortable, they treat you like family. I enjoyed my visits and appreciate all that they've done for me. I am happy to recommend this clinic to others.


Thank you Sahib

I would like to take a moment and communicate my extreme pleasure with the results and care that Sahib Physiotherapy has done with me. After having total knee replacement in May 2012 I was sent to another physiotherapy place and after months of treatment I was not progressing at all, made to feel like I was doing something wrong and on the verge of physical and mental breakdown. Switched to Sahib Physiotherapy and after only a couple of visits I began to progress rapidly with my recovery and they gave me great confidence in my situation. I feel that they are a very special group of caring, knowledgeable and capable people.


Professional and caring service

I have had a frozen shoulder and severe pain for a year before I came to this clinic. Thanks to the attention and skill of the team at this clinic I have improved considerably. They were very focused on solving my problem. I am on the road to a full recovery and stopped using all medication that was prescribed for my condition. Even better, I will not need to have surgery done on my shoulder which was my only other option.


not focused

When I ordered orthodics i was promissed that i would get them in maximum 10 days. they requested 250 dollars payment in advance. Orthodics came one month late plus they are the wrong one. Now what?!

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