WELCOME! East Place has been satisfying customers with great Chinese food for over 30 years. Located across from Eastgate Square, East Place provides delivery to Hamilton, Stoney Creek and Binbrook. For a great dining experience and wonderful food, come to East Place.

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Dined here this past week and got exactly what I expected as we have been a couple times in the past 3 months, after reading a Spec review. The food is not any different than most chinese restos. The decor is fabulously gauche and the owner/manager is excellent, always seeming to think she knows you, even on our first visit. The food: I love the spicy beef brisket. Everything else to date is typical except the general tso's chicken. Here it is whole boneless thighs with a sweet bbq sauce, not the crunchy spicey pieces you would expect. Spouse has declared she has not found anything she likes yet. Next time we'll try the Sunday dim sum, and hopefully it won't be a disappointment.


Better than most

Food was flavorful, not greasy, fairly generous portions, and not overly salty as in many places. By the same token, it was not exceptional in any way. Overall, it was good food for a reasonable price. One of the better chinese food restaurants in the city.


Cozy chinese restaurant

This is one of those family restaurant places that you get a ton of food for what you pay. When we order takeout, we spend maybe about $10 a person. $15 at most. The atmosphere is really relaxed and cozy with some nice booths and personable staff. (Lights are a little dim.) The orange chicken is one of the best dishes here and vegetables are good. This is probably NOT the place to get really authentic stuff though. Overall a sweet Hamilton spot.


Best Chinese Food In The City

I have been going to East Place for years and I love it. The staff are all great and very helpful. I love the atmosphere and the large dragon ceiling medallion is gorgeous, I always love the food and I always have enough left over for the entire family the next day at lunch, It is a great bang for your buck. You get much better food and get to take leftovers home unlike at the chinese buffets but you still get the selection, and you can order exactly the stuff you like, You can order the set menus but 'a la cart' is a much better way to go. It is family style so if you are eating alone it can be difficult. The set menu is really your only choice at that point. I also have a diabetic in the family and they are very accomadating about not adding sugar as a sauce thickener. They will do whatever they can to make their food the way that you like it (within reason of course). There isn't enough room in the "What did you order?" section so I will put a couple favorites in there but here was my entire order. It is a lot but it feeds us for a few days. Also if you have less people just figure, rice and chow mein plus one entree per person. That is usally the perfect formula for me. Jar Doo Chicken Wings, Won Ton Soup With Barbequed Pork, East Place Fried Rice, Cantonese Chow Mein, East Place Honey Garlic Spare Ribs, Plain Fried Shrimp - Dry, Diced Chicken With Almonds And Vegetables, East Place Chicken Steak Kew (this takes a while to make so be prepared to wait), Black Pepper Beef With Onion, Hon Sui Won Ton (only for people who have a sweet tooth, the pineapple sauce is to die for),


Nice spot

Our regular Chinese food spot changed ownership, so we gave this place a shot. The orange chicken is good here and has tang. Most of the other dishes seemed like your typical fair, but were large portions. We left with plenty of left-overs, and we didn't spend that much. (Plenty O value here.) The dining room has a really retro Chinese restaurant look to it. (Chop Suey house but in a nice way). Staff are friendly.


Excellent food with excellent service. That Y-Lee...

Excellent food with excellent service. That Y-Lee girl is a phenomenal waitress who is always friendly and fast!

Price Range: $25per person


Friendly service and a good selection of both...

Friendly service and a good selection of both traditional Chinese favourites and some new items. Especially enjoyed the General Tso's chicken and shrimp and lobster sauce. Will go again.

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