Jackson Square Dental Centre Jackson Square Mall

2 King St W, Hamilton, ON L8P 1A1
Protect your oral health with regular dental exams from Jackson Square Dental Centre in Hamilton. Oral sedation is available at no additional cost where needed, and we offer new patients a complimentary tooth whitening. Call our office to schedule your next dentist appointment.
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  • Complimentary Tooth Whitening With New Patient Exam
  • Current ODA Fee Guide Applies - Ask For Details
  • Oral Sedation Available - At No Additional Fee (In Appropriate Cases)

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Jackson Square Dental Centre (905-524-2976) - Display Ad - Jackson Square Dentistry Asleep or Awake Dental Centre For Children & Adults · Oral Surgery & Root Canal· Oral Sedation & General Anaesthesia · Evening & Saturday · Teeth Whitening Appointments Available · Denturist on Staff Visit our Website at: 905-524-2976 www.jacksonsquaredental.ca Fax: 905-529-2314 King St. W Conveniently Located in Jackson Square: Email us at: 2 King Street West, Plaza Level, Hamilton James St. SBay St. SYork Blvd.Summers Ln. Macnab St. S Main St. W *Ask For Details · Emergencies Welcome Upfront In Most Cases* · Cosmetic Dentistry ·Also Accepting OW, ODSP, · Dental Implants CINOT and Healthy Smiles · Orthodontics · You Don t Pay Your Insured Portion