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200 Centennial Pky N, Hamilton, ON L8E 4A1
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Conveniently located on Centennial Parkway in Hamilton, ON, King's Buffet is a fabulous, welcoming, family-oriented restaurant that offers high-quality, friendly service and tasty, exquisitely prepared food. Serving up delicious, all you can eat crab legs as well as an array of dishes that range from grilled salmon and Canadian prime rib to a wide selection of oriental cuisine, Kings Buffet is the place to visit when you have a craving for great food. Kings Buffet has won the Readers Choice award for best salad bar and fruit bar in Hamilton for the 4 years! Consider us for your next large event - we cater to groups of up to 350 people! More...

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Good place

I liked it better than mandarin. like price. it a buffet well clean up kept. They hide all the expensive things but they there. Drinks fair priced only buffet place i order drinks at.


Horrrrrible !

Just imagine the worst chinese food you've ever had, multiply by 3, and you will be close to how bad this place is. There must be a huge vat of oil in the back where they deep fry every dish together so that when food is brought out to the buffet, everything tastes the same. Also, everything is limp. soggy and teeming with grease. Hello food inspectors.. are you out there somewhere ??


Not good...

This place made us sooooooooooo sick! We ate the crab legs and barley made it home before we started to violently vomit the contents of our stomach on to our front yard! Save yourself the stomach trouble and go some place who knows how to keep things fresh. Clearly this place doesn't!


I don't get it

I don't get the reviews of people constantly slamming King's Buffet. We've been there several times. The most recent time was Thursday night. Party of 33. We had reservations and we had no problem. None whatsoever. The food was excellent. The servers were quick to remove dirty plates and fill up our empty water glasses. They even took the time to talk to ask us who we are because there was so many of us.


Can't do reservations to save their lives

Worst experience of my life they have no idea how to manage reservations. Made a reservation for mothers day for 6:00pm, arrived at 5:45 and had to wait 15 minutes to even let them know I was there with a reservation. 20 minutes go by they haven't called our name (that's normal) I ask where we stood on the list, he says 20 minutes. 'OK' I'm a patient man, I wait... my mom and grand mother are getting agitated. I don't blame them... another 20 goes by... nothing. Meanwhile another party with 6 is seated and I ask what time they had a reservation at... they say 6:30. At this point I ask the assistant manager what was going on and why that had just happened? No real response, "I understand, I will see where you stand now" he came back and basically told us he didn't know what time we'd be seated (so including the 15 minute check in we waited 75 minutes to be told they weren't sure) we left. TLDR - waited 75 minutes for a reservation we had made for 6pm told they weren't sure when we'd get seated. Left in frustration - never going back.


Awesome Buffet Went for My Husbands and My Birthday

Awesome Buffet tonight at Kings Buffet, Our Sons took us there for our Birthdays, My Husband and My birthdays are on the same day. I would go back for sure. The service was terrific. Really nice Waitress, Lots of choices of food, from soups, salads, main entres, fruits and desserts.I could go on and on. Looking forward to going back. If you have never been you will not be dissappointed!!


Great Service

We had a surprise birthday party for my opa who was turning 70. There was around 15 people and my mom booked ahead of time for it. When we first got there we were shocked to find out they "forgot" and had misplaced our booking. Due to it being a surprise, my opa walked in on us all waiting to be seated. We were very angry. The whole time this was happening the waitresses were very kind, trying to get us seated as quick as possible and apologizing many times. After it happened, I wrote an e-mail regarding the issue to the manager. Not only did he call me back and personally talk to me, but he personally talked to my mother and apologized and gave us all a free family dinner for up to 6 people. I was in shock that he actually took the time to go out of his way. Trust me when I say patience and kindness goes a long way. I have been many more times because of his kindness and I will continue to go.


Wasn't bad, but i wont come back

Even this isn't my first time eating at kings buffet, after this experience i don't wish to come back. I'll start with the service, the servers, hostess, bartenders, bussers, and food handlers are all very pleasant people and tend to our needs quite quickly depending on how busy the restaurant is at the moment. The buffet area is well presented and the food is displayed quire tastefully. I have to say the display that caught my eyes the most was the fruit bar which was quire exquisite in how all the fruits were laid out to be chosen from.The overall atmosphere of the place feels like a nice setting, but the tables and seats are quite dirty at times and the cutlery is is even dirty at times with old food still on them.... that has already put a great distaste in my mouth and i haven't even started on the food yet. The food is adequate at most. Even though there is a large selection to choose from, i would not go back for seconds on any of the items out on the buffet. The food seems to be missing something to really make you want to eat more, and i understand that it is a buffet so the food can't be at it's best all the time but even when a new platter of food is brought out, it is still not even that good. Well... that's my general opinion of this place, i know i won't be coming back but i hear a lot of people still like it there so i won't be judging their choice to do so because there is still a grand selection of food to choose from and you may find something that tends to your particular taste buds. cheers.


Always a great experience

I don''t know what some people are expecting from a buffet restaurant. The service here as been always great. The food is good quality and always a good choice. Weekends are usually busy especially when they have crab and lobster on the menu. I can't understand the one review were they asked for a container to take their food home in ? Your at a all you can eat buffet. And when they complained they give them a free meal voucher but they want two so they bad mouth them. Some people should stay at home and make their own meals and not be let out.

Outing Type: Casual

Price Range: $60per person


Mediocre even for Canadian Chinese

Had heard a few people be complimentary about this place, so took my parents here as a family outing. Terrible....really mediocre food quality, even for 'Canadian Chinese' standards....Mandarin is superior in every way. All the food was so so to poor...even the 'spicy' dishes were bland. The ONLY item I felt was very good was the roasted chicken, that's it. The rest of the party pretty much said the same thing. Place looks nice....service was a case of the 'constantly disappearing wait staff' while the rest stare at the floor or straight ahead instead of looking at tables trying to flag them down. The capper for me on the place was the 'rice pudding' I tried for dessert. Seriously, I've eaten some lousy food in my time, but I actually spit it out. Tasted like vanilla flavor, no flavour period. Felt like I'd eaten heated up Elmers glue. This is the garbage you serve people? Never again.


Great location

Good food for a fair price

Outing Type: Casual

Price Range: $25per person


No More King's Buffet awful

Visited on Sept 25/10 for dinner. Food was cold, crab legs were awful. Sushi was tasteless the worst meal i have ever eaten at King's Buffet. Management was awful and would never go back again.


I gave it another try

I was bored with all the usual lunch spots, so I gave this place another try, hoping that maybe things had changed. Everything on the lunch buffet stays the same. Couldn't they change things up to keep regulars coming back???? This time i found that the food was barely warm. Even though I got there at 11:30, it should have been hot. I couldn't eat some of the choices, since they are not very appealing barely lukewarm.


Nothing more then Adequate

Went there for a special occasion with reservations and still waited for 1/2hour at least, isn't the point of making reservations so you don't have to wait? I found the setting a little to close together but a nice atmosphere, the food is good but general too many deep fried items and always seems to be the same items at the buffet any time I go. The staff I have never had a problem with but English seems to be a problem with all of them, not really a big deal I guess.


Great place!! Well designed with a lot of room. The food was very good - the fruit, salad & dessert area were fantastic and amazingly fresh!! The price was great - 2 people, all you can eat for under $40 (V.I.P card was used) I would / will totally visit again... and soon!! You simply can not beat the price for what you get ;)

Price Range: $25per person


Maybe I'm tiring of the same old same old, but I wasn't as impressed this outing. I have been here many times, and although very satisfied in the past, it seems that they never change the food selections, and I'm tiring of the food. Great price, tasty food, but I think they need to change things up once in a while to keep the regulars coming back.

Price Range: $25per person


From the other negative reviews that I have been reading, I almost feel as though we haven't visited the same restaurant. I have only positive things to say. Friends of mine were visiting from Holland, and we went there for lunch. (I have eaten here several times before). They were quite impressed and enjoyed it very much. Even though a bus load of people arrived, which had me a little worried for a bit, but the flurry of activity subsided and we enjoyed our meal very much. Perhaps some of the people who wrote the negative reviews frequent higher class restaurants, or something. As for me I think, for the price, this is restaurant is just fine and a great deal.

Price Range: $60per person


I don't know what people are expecting from this chinese buffet, but the negative reviews surprise me. For what you pay, you can't beat the quality,variety and service. Everytime I go, the only complaint I have, is the quantity of food I ate. Guess it's the mentality "gotta get my moneys worth" that causes most to overeat here. Regardless of the naysayers, I highly recommend this Buffet.

Price Range: $25per person


We had quite a bad experience here. The food...

We had quite a bad experience here. The food wasn't the best, when we asked to take the remaining food home the server who seemed quite clueless about everything snickered at us and looked rather confused but got around to it eventually. We talked to the manager about everything and tried to assure us that this may have been some type of misunderstanding or something, and offered us a free buffet ticket. It felt like he was just trying to get rid of us, and the buffet ticket was for 1 person when both of us complained, plus it was for select days and one was not the day of the day of the week we had been there. We ened up giving the ticket away as we were left with a bad feeling about the place.

Price Range: $25per person

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  • All-You-Can-Eat Crab Leg Dinner On Weekends
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  • Special Promotional Pricing With VIP Card
  • Group Rates For Parties 20 And Above
  • Best Salad And Fruit Bar
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  • At Corner Of Barton St East And Centennial North



Kings Buffet (905-664-8898) - Display Ad - A Royal Oriental Feast Award Winning Buffet Chinese/Canadian Food Best Buffet in Town FAST 10% Discount On Take Out All Pick-Up Orders & Delivery Sun-Thur 11am  -  9:30pm Fri-Sat 11am - 10:30pm 905- 664-8898 200 Centennial Parkway N, Hamilton A Royal Oriental Feast Award Winning Buffet Chinese/Canadian Food Best Buffet in Town FAST 10% Discount On Take Out All Pick-Up Orders & Delivery Sun-Thur 11am  -  9:30pm Fri-Sat 11am - 10:30pm 905- 664-8898 200 Centennial Parkway N, Hamilton