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Wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.

The atmosphere of this place definitely gave a "not a white person" unfriendly vibe. They served every single Asian person their large orders and their food before considering us even though we got there way before the rest of the others. We ordered the "Old Beijing Noodles" and the "Sweet and Sour Chicken" Instead they gave us the "Black Bean Noodles" by mistake; however, we took the Noodles they gave us and it was pretty good. But the sweet and sour chicken we waited 40 minutes and we couldn't wait any longer because of our parking meter time running out so I asked for the bill. When I asked for the bill they immediately served us the chicken, but it was so bad..like they completely rushed it because they forgot and it tasted like seafood and there was no chicken..it was just breaded deep fried bits . Very disappointed, I told our server about our experience and she just pointed towards the guys in the kitchen and laughed and said "sorry"... Will never recommend this place to anyone.

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