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Worst experience EVER!

My husband and I asked 8 of our closest friends to join us for a special evening that started with dinner at Chagall's in the Hamilton Sheraton hotel. Never again. Here is just a snapshot of the mess: 30 min. to get drinks - wine plunked on table with no pouring and no chiller for the white; wrong drink for one & we had to go find the waiter to get the right one. one hour to get app'ys (salads!). One came with shrimp on it (not on the menu) to a person with a shellfish allergy AND the shrimp was not cooked enough to even eat. 20 minutes after ordering entrees, found one was not available. All white rolls delivered. Requested salad with no meat for our vegetarian guest arrived with bacon on the top. We had to leave to attend the 8 pm show without even receiving any entres. Both the manager and our waiter tried arguing with us about the service. Best news - one of our guests teaches customer service and has a great new story to tell! BEWARE!

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