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My mom (who is so kind-hearted, but unfortunately a bit naive) recently answered the door to a door-to-door furnace salesperson. Somehow, she was convinced that she needed to sign a rental agreement for a new furnace (with monthly payments forever, which would have had her easily pay 3 times the value of the furnace!) and by the time she contacted me she had signed it. I immediately called JD Swallow, with whom she has had excellent service for the past 20+ years. They were quick to respond with an appointment, where the Consultant / Technician made a thorough examination of her furnace and provided her with clear options of her choices and needs. He even took the time to accept my call from long-distance to explain it all to me, and to help us cancel the initial contract my mother had signed with the other company. And all of this was free because we are a valued client. Now that we have received quality service for all these years (and my mother understands the danger of answering the door to pushy salespeople), who do you think we she will buy her furnace from when she truly does need her current one replaced? Courteous, kind, sympathetic, knowledgeable, and experienced. JD Swallow, you have our gratitude (and our business!)

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