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    Excellent Service! from Zdeno and consider Al the co-owner a friend. Zdeno has always been very professional and Al really knows Motorcycles. I have bought many many parts from Zdeno over the years and hassle free at an excellent price. I have had plenty of Motorcycle service done there and would say in the KW region Zdeno is the Best. I would recommend all motorcyclists to go to Zdeno and speak with Al. Goodluck Al and all the crew at Zdeno's. Kane @ Kanes MOBILE MOBILE MOTORCYCLE REPAIR T.O.

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    Nato A

    Terrible Service, DO NOT spend money at Zdeno Cycle

    Terrible service, sold me a used tire for my motorcycle, which turned out to be a size too small and for 80% the price of the same tire new (proper size). I even asked specifically if the smaller size was ok and was reassured that it wouldnt make much difference. Two inner tubes later (proper size for tire) now I realize I will never use a smaller sized tire or shop at Zdenos again. I figure they owe me $50.

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    Dima T

    service was good

    i'll tell you my exoperience i've been to zdeno place 2 time so far well what can i say in mine experience it was good people was friendly and i was welcome to take a look at wreck bikes at the back lot by myself and after i did even search for parts i needed in a warehouse indoor and that i liked the most i had no rush as i'm building custom bobber from cb400 that was for the first time, the second time i was there i traded my rims and tires for another rims and tires i found there to suite my custom build and they swapped my rims with a little charge so i was very happy with that kind of a deal and i going to go there soon again to look for a new ideas for my build

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    Worst Shop around - stay away

    So a few weeks ago I ask Zdeno Cycle how much it would cost for them to remove the tires from my rims so that I can get the rims painted. They said $5/wheel to remove and roughly $10/wheel to put them back. So that was fine, I had them remove the tires, they charged me $5 each. I went back today to have tires re-installed onto the rims after I got them painted. I brought them in, the old guy with the accent asked me if I got them from there - I told him that I didn't. So he said $14/wheel +$3/valve stem. So I said fine and left everything. I went back a few hours later, they had them done, so I put them in my car and went in to pay. The lady went to the back to get the old guy to see how much to charge me. So I put my debit card in the machine, and up pops $113!!! So I said, "I think there's a mistake". The guy starts to get really angry and says, it's "$40/wheel + $10/wheel for weights...". I told him that I was quite sure he said $14/wheel, but before I could even finish, this guy starts flying off the handle dropping F bombs, and telling me to take my debit card, get the out and not to ever come back. I tried to calm him down so we could reach an agreement, and he starts freaking out even more and then his wife and daughter start yelling at me too. So I took my debit card and left. These people don't deserve to be in business. They have the highest turn over rate for staff that I have ever seen. I have heard service staff as well as counter staff talk about them when they aren’t around and now I can see why. I know I am not the only one out there to have a bad experience, I have heard of many and now I experienced it for myself. “There are riders that have had a bad experience with Zdeno Cycle, and there are riders that will have a bad experience with Zdeno Cycle to come”

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