Zdeno Cycle is a large, family-owned and operated motorcycle shop located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. We have been in business continuously for over 30 years, specializing in the sale of late model new, used and salvage motorcycles and parts, plus new parts and accessories. Originally opened by Zdeno Syrovy in 1969, we've served the needs of southern Ontario motorcyclists first from Guelph, Ontario until the early 1980's, when we moved to our current location a few miles away in Kitchener Ontario. Still in the family, we're now owned and operated by Zdeno's sister, Jerry, her husband Al Repas and their daughter Linda. Under Al and Jerry's guidance, our shop has grown to where we are now one of the largest motorcycle accessory shops and salvage dealers in across Canada. We cater to customers Al Repasfrom all across North America, offering next business day shipment on all in-stock mail order purchases, and big savings at our lower Canadian prices! More...

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service was good

i'll tell you my exoperience i've been to zdeno place 2 time so far well what can i say in mine experience it was good people was friendly and i was welcome to take a look at wreck bikes at the back lot by myself and after i did even search for parts i needed in a warehouse indoor and that i liked the most i had no rush as i'm building custom bobber from cb400 that was for the first time, the second time i was there i traded my rims and tires for another rims and tires i found there to suite my custom build and they swapped my rims with a little charge so i was very happy with that kind of a deal and i going to go there soon again to look for a new ideas for my build


Worst Shop around - stay away

So a few weeks ago I ask Zdeno Cycle how much it would cost for them to remove the tires from my rims so that I can get the rims painted. They said $5/wheel to remove and roughly $10/wheel to put them back. So that was fine, I had them remove the tires, they charged me $5 each. I went back today to have tires re-installed onto the rims after I got them painted. I brought them in, the old guy with the accent asked me if I got them from there - I told him that I didn't. So he said $14/wheel +$3/valve stem. So I said fine and left everything. I went back a few hours later, they had them done, so I put them in my car and went in to pay. The lady went to the back to get the old guy to see how much to charge me. So I put my debit card in the machine, and up pops $113!!! So I said, "I think there's a mistake". The guy starts to get really angry and says, it's "$40/wheel + $10/wheel for weights...". I told him that I was quite sure he said $14/wheel, but before I could even finish, this guy starts flying off the handle dropping F bombs, and telling me to take my debit card, get the out and not to ever come back. I tried to calm him down so we could reach an agreement, and he starts freaking out even more and then his wife and daughter start yelling at me too. So I took my debit card and left. These people don't deserve to be in business. They have the highest turn over rate for staff that I have ever seen. I have heard service staff as well as counter staff talk about them when they aren’t around and now I can see why. I know I am not the only one out there to have a bad experience, I have heard of many and now I experienced it for myself. “There are riders that have had a bad experience with Zdeno Cycle, and there are riders that will have a bad experience with Zdeno Cycle to come”

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