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Horrible Place to Live

I could probably talk for days as to why we are LEAVING these buildings... Where shall I begin? First, moving in was a hassle... and our entire floor smells of cat urine and cigarette smoke (not different from the others I hear). Below us, a tenant that stores only mounds of stinky trash on his balcony all year-round (not a pleasure in the summer) and there is always animal feces on our balcony from the tenants above! We have mold living on the moisture and dampness on the ceiling as a result of unfinished repairs..Our apartment wasn't really in great shape when we showed up.. You cannot change the temperature in your own apartment. They hardly ever had more than one elevator working for the entire duration of our lease agreement and no matter what they tell you, they will not fix the problems in your apartment, it's all procrastination and excuses. No, they will not install that dishwasher either... (we were promised it as an amenity that was part of the "many new upgrades to the building" - So far, the only money that has gone into this building, is all the beautiful new computers, furniture and paintings ONLY in the office - used by only 3). Yet, we don't need the superintendents anymore... (PART 2)

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