At Knotty Pine Restaurant we serve a fresh selection of hot food every day. We even offer an all-day breakfast and breakfast special from Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. for $5.25! We're located in London at the Days Inn Hotel. If you're looking for something hot, tasty and quick, then we're the place to dine. More...
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The restaurant is attached to the Days Inn Hotel. When I told her that we were using a WagJag certificate she told us what it was good for, (but omitted what deserts we could choose.) There was a really small selection to choose from. When my partner was not interested in what was on the entrée menu she asked if she could get a sandwich instead. Although the sandwich she wanted was less expensive, they were very strict on that we could only order from the specified options. I opted for the pepper steak with mashed potatoes which I really enjoyed. The potatoes were barely warm, and the gravy was definitely different as it had a hint of some sort of cinnamon flavour. Vegetables were not fresh, and were definitely made from a bag of mixed frozen vegetables you would get at the grocery store. Karen had an 8 oz. steak which she really did not enjoy. It was not cooked incorrectly; just not a great cut of meat and lacked flavour. Her baked potato did not even come with sour cream. Deserts were your average family stuff you could make at home. We wanted pie, but found out the only options were rice pudding and Jello. The rice pudding was cheap and didn’t even have any raisons in it. Overall, the experience was kind of expensive for the quality of food which was only average even with our discounted coupon. Service was ok, and our server constantly had to refer to the menu. For example when I asked if they had anything on tap, rather than say no she just said everything we have is on the menu.

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Knotty makes me happy!

I absolutely adore this place! I was recommended the Knotty Pine when I was told about their very inexpensive breakfast special. I didn't know what to expect for $5 but I was very impressed. The atmosphere is very quiet (partially due to the carpeted floor) and cozy. I love it! The background music is gentle and not blaring. The waitresses have been very polite, friendly and efficient! The breakfasts are probably typical breakfast fare, but it's been quick, hot, and they've had my order bang on every time! My friend and I finally got around to having a dinner instead of breakfast last week, and we were not disappointed! Perhaps small portions on the vegetables, but not on the meet or potato! The hot turkey sandwich was piled high! :) And might I add... the coffee is excellent. Any time I'm at White Oaks I'm tempted to pop in, and I'm sure I'll be making many more trips in the future! Oh... and they JUST updated their menu with a few new things on it!

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This was our First trip to this Restaurant upon a recomendation from a Friend. We arrived at 7:30 am and were promply seated in a quiet booth ( nice touch ) Our server took our beverage order right away and left us to ponder what we wanted for Breakfast. Once our order was taken we didn't have long to wait till it arrived back at the table. You could tell it was all about getting to us Hot and Fresh. The temp of our food was what it was to be "Hot" and the cold stuff "Cold" I was impressed by the fact that there was a caddy of Jam so that we had a choice of different jam for our Toast. Our Server came back to see if refills were needed on the Coffee. Once done our dishes were cleared away promptly and there was no push to get us to leave quickly we were able to chat and finish our Meal. When we were ready to go our bill was itemized and by all looks very affordable too. A Restraurant which is worth yet another look for perhaps a different meal

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I went for lunch here with my mom, as soon as I walked in I believe the first thing I said was "There is no one in here under 50 other then me." My mom insisted her sister had told her it was "great". I skimmed though the menu and decided on the monte cristo and my mom on the burger. Both our meals came with salad/fries. Before I placed my order I noticed that on the menu they have an 8 doller steak. I would never order an 8 doller steak but I was curious was grade meat it was. I asked to server what grade their steak was and she didnt know - she asked the chef and he didnt know. Nobody knew.... YUCK! Our food came out promptly, i started to eat my salad first... a watery ceaser salad with stale crutons and off tasting "bagged" bacon. I probably took less then 3 bites. My mom said her salad was good but it's hard to mess up a house salad with no dressing. My monte cristo was soggy like it had been sitting under a heat lamp getting moist for a couple hours. I again ate three bites. My mom ate half her burger which was 90% mushrooms and 10% actual beef. I didn't complain to the waitress as she was very nice and attentive, she asked if i liked my food gesturing towards the fact I ate basically nothing I lied and said it was good but I over estimated my hunger. Why did I lie instead of complain and get something worth eating? For 3.25 for my sandwhich and 1.50 for my salad I guess I didnt see the point in the complaining. You get what you pay for - and the prices here are VERY cheap...

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Wrap was not greek (no olive or feta cheese) the...

Wrap was not greek (no olive or feta cheese) the sauce was flavourless and was put together sloppily, hot turkey was a 10$ T.V. dinner and fries were highschool caffeteria quality, soup was bland. good enough portion but no flavour. I might like it if I was 50+

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After being a regular at the knotty pine, I've...

After being a regular at the knotty pine, I've noticed a decline in attentiveness and overall quality of food over the past 2 years My last visit offered BURNT TO A CRISP peameal, which, when I asked for a new portion, the waitress just stared at me and said.. " you wont eat that?"... I never recieved my toast that I asked for 4 times, and my party had cold toast with un-melted butter on it. Waitress never offered to refill the coffee at the table, and most importantly, I was charge incorrectly for the peameal... they tried to make me pay for an extra serving. The waitress who originally waited our table, took 20 minutes to send out the bill, and didnt even have the balls to deliver it herself, she made her co worker do it for her. overall, a waste of time, if anything..... I left fustrated and ripped off.

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My wife and I have had many enjoyable dinners...

My wife and I have had many enjoyable dinners here on numerous occasions in the last few years; on this visit we brought along three relatives from Brantford. They ( and we ) were extremely impressed with the quality of the food and the outstanding service. Portions are very generous and the prices are extremely reasonable. We have always been impressed with the consistency in the quality and freshness of the salad-bar items. We have found no other restaurant in London that offers better value for such excellent food and service.

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Very good for breakfast. Large portions and a...

Very good for breakfast. Large portions and a great price to boot. Will be back.

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