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Don't let the outside fool you - this is one of those gems you find hidden away in the least likely location. We tried Papa's based on Restrauntica reviews - same reason we went with the deluxe panzerotti. You have to taste (and see!) this to believe it! I ate this thing for dinner, for lunch the next day, and AGAIN the day after that! Loaded with stuff like pepperoni, bacon, peppers and mushrooms - all wrapped up in a delicious, slightly chewy dough. It's about the size of a medium pizza - and large enough to share. Can't wait to try the pizza!



Like the others, I've become a regular here over the years. Best Pizza in London bar none, and I've tried most of them all, and nothing comes close. Their Large Deluxe for $13.50 is a TRUE LARGE, with 12 generous thick slices of authentic Italian pizza. Once you try it you'll never go back to franchise pizza made by some 16 year old punk who's just punching the clock. Family run and friendly - yes, its not the fastest service - but just phone it in and give it 30 mins ans you're good to go. Go for it, you'll never look back!


Papa's Pizza is Awesome

This is seriously awesome pizza! Everything is homemade by this family-run restaurant. The panzerottis are the best in London. Cash-only and slower service (the owner's wife was the only one serving and the restaurant was packed), but WELL WORTH the wait.


After having pizza in New York City , LA and Italy, this pizza is easily the best of the best. They've been there since 1972 and it's for a good reason... the pizza AND the family. Don't have enough money for your order? Just come back next time. Where the heck else does THAT? THIS is why Papa\'s has been here and will continue to be here. REAL PIZZA and everyone is a friend. Go NO WHERE else. REAL mozzerella...generous REAL toppings. Hung out here for most of the late 80s and early 90s and am glad to be back


Memorable panzarotti

We ordered their famous deluxe panzarotti to go and found ourselves lovin' every bite when we got home. VERY TASTY! No joke -- we fought over this fried pizza pocket it was that delish. We ordered an extra cup of sauce for dipping and to save our relationship next time, we'll order separate panzarottis. The sauce is obviously homemade and delectable. If you're watching calories, wear a blindfold when you eat this as it's far from low fat. I'm usually a health nut and rarely touch deep fried foos but Papa's deluxe panzarottis will be the exception. Yum!



I have lived in London 7 years now, and I have tried alot of restaurants. I happened to stumble across this place one afternoon when I was out for a stroll. I sat down and ordered a Hawaiian Panzarotti. Needless to say I have been getting them every 3 weeks or so since then. Just keep in mind when ordering DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER, The food is awsome.

Price Range: $10per person


The Best Panzerotti in London!

My dad has been coming to Papa's since he attented UWO almost 20+ years ago! He brought me here when I was a kid and only have the best of memories with Papa himself and the rest of the family! They are great people and are all very friendly, They have a big dinning room although I only see people doing take out. The Panzerotti's are only about $5-7 each and are so big that one can fill 2 people. Honestly I think they are best panzerotti's in London and I haven't been able to find a better one for the size, price, and quality as Papa's. Simply the best!

Price Range: $10per person

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