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good for family dinner

good for a family sinner. good quantity, lotsa chicken and bread and secret tip: free extra coleslaw upon request. We managed to bring some chicken sandwich left uneaten home too. NBot too expensive. kids liked it

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Not having heard of this place ever before we went in thinking it was Mediterranean. It was not Mediterranean in the sense we had imagined. Nonetheless the customer service was terrible - the guy working there had attitude problems. He didn't take the order properly as he missed my coffee. The menu is over-priced. The theme of the place makes it seem as if its mexican - even though the menu looks like a blend between - well anything? .... Attempted to order the wrap - the guy said I should instead order the platter. When I asked if the wrap was like a shawarma - he didn't know what it was. Then I ordered the wrap anyway - and I wanted it PERI PERI (extreme hot) instead he said "hot" will be fine as PERI PERI is too hot. I'm sorry, but do you know me to judge? .... Left with mixed feelings that seem to not be very positive. Not returning or recommending to anyone even for a one time thing. Just avoid! Food is not that great and customer service is horrendous.

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