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Hot air galore - warranty outlasts product

We purchased two door systems -- front entrance and garden doors. Within six months the deep espresso brown colour had started fading to a dusty rose colour and the door lock set with a "lifetime warranty" was already beginning to craze and crack on the fixed door (no one touches that side). we called about the door glass molding starting to shrink without getting any results until we threatened legal action and reported them to the BBB. We are now at the point where they are finally willing to refund the purchase price less expenses for the original install costs and for a door frame they provided free originally for the garden shed. I suggest that if you want a poor quality product with even worse service support please review the pictures. I highly recommend NOT even setting foot in the door.

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A lot of promises, never delivered service

This company's business strategy based on flashy show room with sleek sales presentation wrapped into layer of false promises. We was told and sold out on statement that everything is made locally by hard working Canadians and it is great to support local business. As it turns out glass is outsourced from China, which brings constant delays to all orders. We have ordered a door with 3 week delivery promise. after sales was made, communication was successfully cut off. There no way to get in touch with any body from the shop after sales was made. Door arrived 8 week later and was installed at our house. It looked good for about a week, after that time it become croocked and doesn't close., paint is peeling off and can be scratched by easiest touch. All attempts to get door serviced have failed. We were promised door fix several times with 3 appointments have been made and with subsequent no show, no call, no followup. 4 months later we have little hope to get it fixed and consider to write this junk off. I have not seen such a careless business for a while. I hope they will close soon and save many people out of grief of dealing with shady place.

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Beware of poor workmanship.

We had a front door with side light and side door installed in the front hall of the house. We were told 3 - 4 weeks for installation and were still waiting 2 months later. It was one excuse after another. First the iron wasn't ready but he had the doors. When I saw he had the wrong door painted he had to order another. Then he was waiting for the door but the iron was ready, almost. Then he got the door but was waiting on the iron again. Finally he came to install but the iron insert for the sidelight still wasn't ready. Another month went by for that. When all was done what we found was: gaps around the door frame, uneven paint on the doors, front door didn't close against the door seal, iron insert in the sidelight didn't match the insert in the door it was next to (flat vs glossy, round iron vs square, window pattern turned sideways compared to the door, iron ends chopped off flat compared to curled & trimmed in the door) , finish on the side door lever didn't match the lock set, the side door was a different style than the front door, there was brown paint overspray on the white sidelight window machanism, touch up paint we were given doesn't match the paint on the doors, concrete step wasn't put back in front of the side door & they left a mess. I have been trying for months to get some of these items dealt with & we are simply being ignored. It seems he feels the repairs aren't worth getting the final payment.

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