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Our Company is Mississauga moving company, specializing in residential, long distance movings. We offer excellent customer service, professional moving services and a full range of moving services. Our services will save you time, will insure your belongings are safe and will provide you with a worry free moving experience. More...

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We booked Multici...

We booked Multicity for our relocation from NYC to Toronto on Dec 21st, 2013. Our booking was confirmed and security deposit was charged. Their dispatcher called us the night before the move to say he won't be able to move us. Due to the short notice, we were unable to find alternative movers, so we booked a U-Haul and drove the truck. We lost over $200 when we canceled our flights in order to drive the truck. Now Multicity is refusing to even return our security deposit!


Terrible service: Made my move a nightmare

I put my trust in this company's services and they completely failed me, making an already stressful move a nightmare. The company seemed professional and helpful when booking my appointment. However, when they called back one day ahead to confirm my booking, they had missed key details like the address and time of my pick-up. But, I was able to work that out with them. Then on moving day, they were 2 hours and 10 minutes late, during which they were unresponsive to my phone calls. I had to reach their voicemail 5 times for every call that would go through. Their lateness caused me to miss my elevator bookings for both apartments, incurring additional fees. When I tried to express my dissatisfaction with their service and request compensation for those fees, I was instead threatened with a lawsuit. Dealing with this company was a nightmare and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


Ottawa to Lansing move

I moved from a small bachelor apartment in Ottawa, Canada to Lansing, US. I chose this company as they offered the lowest minimum weight but will never move with this company ever again no matter the cost. The movers showed up 2 days late for pick-up of my belongings and I was not informed on the planned date until I contacted the company after waiting for 6 hours. Furthermore, the same thing occured for the delivery date although this time I was given a delivery date one week later. On that new scheduled date, I was informed that there were more delays in the delivery and asked to have at least a 24 hour notice so that I may be present to open the door. 3 days later I received a call that they were at my door while I was in a meeting in a neighboring city for business until 9 pm that night. They did not offer any alternatives or apologies. Finally, I did receive my goods and some were damaged, one of which I have not been able to understand how all the nails have been pulled out. I strongly discourage anyone from using this company. Very unprofessional business that do not care about their customers.

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