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No Customer facing

As a 1st time patron I was not impressed in how they greet pets and owners to the kennel. Prior to the reservation I spoke with a very nice person whom ensured me that all my special needs for my pet's surgery recovery would be well taken care i.e no play, no running, no unleashed walks, no play with toys or other dogs. As I walked in a person quickly approached me and whisked my pet away from me. I was very shocked by that and stressed as I tried to then focus on the list of instructions I had wrote to review with the person behind the counter. I felt like I was talking and there was no acknowledgment or a clue of "yes I understand - don't worry" but nothing, I then asked if I could say goodbye to my pet and the person who whisked my pet away from me faster then lightning said he is outside...I went outside to their very large fenced in play yard and there he leash, un attended and confused as to where he is. I told the person he is not to be off and alone like this due to his surgery, she looked at me and said We wont let him off his leash....what??? I also tried calling back 3 times that night to see how he was adjusting...nobody knew anything except just a cold response; yah is doing good. Like that is exactly what I need to hear on my way to the airport and being away from home for the next 4 days. Pickup was much of the same, Very poor in customer facing. No greeting, no update as to how his stay was or anything just pay this and here he is, Bing-Bang-Boom... Try a little harder to care about each scared, confused pet that comes in and give some attention to the owner that is not comfortable leaving their family member behind not because they want but under most circumstances we have to. The only few good things were: -very clean kennel -my pet survived (wish he could talk though)

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