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The New Oak Tree

The review from Cryptunite44 is misleading as Dancing Don is not any part of the New Oak Tree. In fact he has a separate business altogether. We at the New Oak Tree have been told repeatedly about the false promises from our competitors. Those that do not keep up there part of a deal are a detriment to us all. The New Oak Tree will continue to offer high quality solid wood furniture at competitive prices along with good service. If this is not so then we will correct as soon as we can Bijou2


10 months for correct order

We originally placed our order with Dancing Don and all seemed well. He seemed very focused on creating a great experience for young buyers so that they would return again in the future. However, ever since then the customer service has gone downhill dramatically. It has now been almost 10 months and we are still waiting for the correct pieces for our order. 10 months!! The furniture from New Oak Tree sure isn't cheap either, so you would expect better service for the amount of money you have to put out. We have experienced numerous customer service issues from misled timelines to mistaken delivery info, and incorrect staining and colors to cracked or subpar quality pieces that needed to be sent back. The correct pieces that we do have are very nice and good quality, but the issues and mistakes along the way have not been worth it at all. The New Oak Tree has made no attempt to make amends or repair the relationship with us. In fact, most of the time we have to play phone tag to get any updates on our outstanding furniture. I don't know if we have just had the bad luck of dealing with an incompetent salesperson, or if this is the way their business is running these days, but I can tell you that we will not be shopping at the New Oak Tree ever again.

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