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never answer my phone........

I got phone message from the clinic. I tried call for couple of days but no one answer the phone and I can not leave a message either no answering machine. I gave up to call. have to make a trip to find out why. It was very quite told reception my phone call was not answered for couple of days. she said they are extremely busy. "you want to see doctor or not?" I like the clinic, I don't have to go somewhere for tests. but service is terrible.


disturbing-i was forgotten nearly 3hrs.

It was very disturbing experience, I was forgotten nearly 3hrs. let's say it was human error. make me sick is how they treated me in such an extremely rude and abusive way, I feel it was racial discrimination. I wanted to make an complaint to the management or owner, asked them for contact information but they did not want to give me the information and their names. they brought me an incident report form, slammed on to counter “fill it out, I will deal with it”. "fill it or leave!!", "i will call the police". it was internal form which staff should fill it out. they are standing for each others mistake rather than make an proper apology. that was most scary.... there must govt. organization look over their performance regularly.. if i can, i want to give them minus stars....


A good first experience

Went today for the first time. I don't have a family doctor. Went on a weekday morning arriving early, like 8:30. It opens at 9am. I was out by 9:30. The staff was pleasant, the waiting area large, the doctor was nice. No complaints. I came for a renewal of my prescription. S.P. Stouffville.


may have to get a new doctor's office

I love my doctor at York Medical but the office is run terribly. I cannot reach them directly. I was given a referral for my son over a week ago and have not received an appointment or confirmation yet. Tried multiple times to reach someone but there is never a person available to take my call. I love that they can do many tests on site but if I can't ever reach my doctor's office in a timely manner how can they be of service to me? Strongly considering finding another doctor due to this frustration. Love my doctor but wish his office offered better service.

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