Bathurst Walk-In Clinic & Family Practice

4430 Bathurst St, North York, ON M3H 3S3
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What's Worse Than Horrible?

This place is worse than horrible!!! Decided to go their one evening since I knew there was still about 45mins before they closed, and I was only 5 mins away. As I get there I see one lone SUV departing from the smaller of the 2 parking lots. I then realize that this is staff parking, not patient parking because you need a badge or pass to open the gate. As I go inside, I see a man standing at reception asking the receptionist, "What do you mean the doc's gone home? If you close at 9pm, then why is he going home already? Then you should change your sign to say that you close at 8:20PM, not 9PM." Apparently, it was a quiet night, the doc didn't feel to stay till the very end. The man had been there previously and they had called him earlier on that day to get some test results. He asked what time they were open until becasue he had to travel a long distance to get there from his work place. The attitude of the receptionists was just ugly. They couldn't care one bit at what had traspired. No sympathy towards the man, only attitude. The previous time I was there, I had to wait over 2 hours to see the doc. I a complaint about my foot. My doc was closed, as it was a weekend, so I showered up and drove to this clinic. They moved me from the waiting room after 2hrs, and moved me to the private room, where I waited another 45mins. Finally, the doc comes in...just finishing up his meal. He didn't even want to touch my foot. Stood away like he would catch something. My foot was just showered, and I wore flip-flops. There was nothing visible, it was just an internal sore that I wanted to check out. He saw me for all of 1 minute. I vowed never to go back...but I did a few months later.. NEVER AGAIN!!!



Not only will you have to wait at least 3 hours, they are very rude! I returned their phone call and was hung up on 4 times, then they let it ring through to their voice mail, which is full. I had blood work done on my son, they said I needed to return because the doctor wanted to discuss the results....I wait 3 hours just to hear the doc tell me everything is normal!!! And we wonder why our health care system is in the state it's in.



The clinic is just very poorly managed. I'd try to avoid this place as much as possible.


Terrible & Inhumane Customer Service

I called the clinic to ask a simple question and I was put on hold and then quickly the call was disconnected. I tried to call back but my calls were not answered. They were being screened. This is a terrible way to treat patients. I still do not have an answer to my simple question. The person should be fired. WE as TAX PAYERS are paying for them to work! FIRE THIS PERSON. #protectourtaxdollars



Completely unprofessional. They rush you out of your appointment after waiting for ages. Messy premises. Doctors and staff arguing with each other and patients can hear.

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