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Giving 1 star seems too much. If i could give a negative star, I think its still too much. People like this shouldn't even deserve a star. My sister's first visit was terrible. My mom told me how Dr. Ho asked my sister some questions and because my sister has a learning disability and hearing aids, it took her a while to answer and Dr. Ho said "Hurry up, how can you not know? I'm a very busy person." Honestly, she probably wouldn't even remember what she ate the night before, so why be rude and inconsiderate of patients? She's busy and we're not? She has lots of work to do, and we don't? The second visit I took my mom this time and have seen the rudeness of her secretaries as well. These 2 Filipino ladies are laughing and giggling and singing loudly talking to each other, but will rudely tell their patients that they are busy. One person just asked how long and one of the secretaries snapped at the poor man saying "I have patients before you, they were here before you. Just sit down and wait." I honestly didn't realize it would take 3 hours to wait when our appointment was 1140 and we got to see this mightly doctor at 3. If I knew ahead of time I wouldve demanded a professional dermatologist. I suggest everyone ask their family doctor to suggest another dermatologist because I'm pretty sure anyone other than Dr. Ho and her secretaries, will treat you like a human being.

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There are better doctors out there

I was referred by my family doctor to visit Dr. Ho about my acne. After my first appointment with her, I was not pleased AT ALL. My appointment was scheduled for 3:30pm and I arrived there at 3:00 with half an hour to spare. When I arrived, there was a huge lineup for the visit and I ended up waiting until 6:00pm before I was able to see the doctor. The staff members there were rude and did not care about any of the patients who were waiting. When asked a question, they would give you the rudest response and proceeded to ignore you. When I finally got to see Dr. Ho, she asked me a bunch of questions that was irrelevant to my visit. She tried to rush me out of the office as quickly as possible since they were suppose to close at 5pm. She told me my acne was "normal" and it takes a while for it to "go away". If I knew I was going to get this response, I would've just googled it, rather than wasting my time in an office to see a so called "specialist". I was not able to ask her any questions and was rudely interrupted every time I wanted to say something. Overall, my experience with this dermatologist was terrible. I would NOT recommend anyone to go see this doctor, unless you don't mind waiting 3 hours and being treated unfairly the entire time. If you have had a great experience with this doctor, congratulations.

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