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Absolutely agree with previous sentences. Their women`s office staff are absolutely incompetent in Ontario Human Rights and are rude with tenants.


Just like Disney where it's all about the dreams

This building is the land where dreams never come true. People dream of having a landlord who cares, a building without cockroaches, a place where paperwork is not lost on a regular basis. It is hoped that one day the owner's rep will stop being rude to both her staff and tenants and that she may one day care about them instead of just herself and her large (I mean large) income. The staff dream of being compensated accordingly for their hard work and the tenants dream that the staff stay longer than two months before getting burnt out. I dream that the actual owner pulls her daughter out of there so the staff can do their jobs in a relaxed atmosphere and the tenants can enjoy their tenancy while getting their monies worth.

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