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2322 Dundas St W, Oakville, ON L6M 4J3
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Every week hundreds of Oakvillians share our appetite for casual Italian comfort food, flavourful and uncomplicated dishes, generous portions and fair prices.

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its really good, ...

its really good, the food is great and the service is really good as well :)


We took several salad to start then ravioli, salmon. veal lemone. All the food was great, you feel that they have good chefs in the kitchen. The service was slow but I think they did not expect a lunch rush on saterday. As if we did not have a designatated waiter for our table, I saw 3 waiters working in our area and all 3 served us. The dirty plates stayed too long on our table and we had to ask one of them to take them away. All 3 waiters asked us if we want sweets or tea etc.... They had no coordition between them..


excuse me

Great food, geat service, nice envireonment but is nobody else bothered about the long haired servers who don't tie their hair back? Complained to management and was given a generous gift certificate but servers still have their hair down. My family and I will not return



Great Take out! have yet to eat in as its always busy and they dont take reservations... overall great food a little bit pricey but its worth it! My only complaint was the Bruschetta... I thought the bread was Foccacia but it was more of an Italian loaf with rosemary? it did not go well with bruschetta as it was extremely soggy... yet still yummy!!



I don't get where all these reviews are coming from. Excellent? Really? This place is just average. It's no different from any big name chain restaurant like East Side Mario's or Alice Fazooli's. I've only gone once and don't plan on going back unless I'm absolutely desperate for somewhere to dine out.. When we first walked in we were greeted by some gentleman that seemed to be a manager, who asked us how many were in our party. When I opened my mouth to say 3, he turned his back to me and went to answer a phone call, which he stayed on for about 2-3 minutes. During this time several other employees came and went without saying anything. He then finished his phone call and turned back to us and rudely said "what?". We were taken to our table, and had a wonderful young man that served us. Everyone at the table ordered something different, and none of us were pleased with our meals. I got the mushroom ravioli and all I could taste was garlic. The mushrooms were almost raw and still had that awful foamy texture. I also had a peach bellini and was disappointed by the size of it, which was incredibly small. My dad had the Lasagna and again said his was overly garlicy. My mom had Chicken Alfredo and surprise, all she could taste was garlic. After all of our mediocre meals, the bill was still nearly $80. All in all, I don't get the appeal of this place. There's much better Italian food in Downtown Oakville, I guess people just aren't willing to drive the extra 10 minutes for it.


Pasta Takeout was Fine

Having survived takeout pizza a few weeks back, we decided to try ordering from the Olive Press again - this time pasta and a quattro formagio pizza. The pastas (lasagna & sausage penne) were well portioned. We could have shared one between the two of us. The caesar salad was fresh and dressing was fantastic. The garlic bread was boring, but it was garlic bread. The pizza was fantastic according to the teenager in the party, the Mom felt it was dry and bland. The Order was 10 minutes late beyond promised pickup time - not a big deal, but still it was late. We'll order again, more for convenience than cuisine - this is not innovative, it's comfort food.


Fantastic! Service was impeccable, food was hot, fresh and delicious. Interior decor makes it look fancier than it is, but it's really quite casual. Will definitely be returning! My wife is a bit of a picky eater (hi honey!) and the staff and manager bent over backwards to find her something she could eat. Great wine prices too....


This place is fantastic

I honestly don't understand how anyone can have something negative to say about this place. My family and I live around the corner from The Olive Press and frequent about twice a month. The only complaint I can come up with is that on the weekends there is usually a wait. The Honeymoon spaghetti is to die for (though at the upper price point of the menu), as well as the Carbonara - it's a meat lovers dream. Pizzas are also great for pick-up, my kids love the basic Pepp, however the wife always goes for the Parisian Chicken. Only complaint is the restaurant is pretty loud, probably because of the concert floor and open ceiling. - I think


Good meatballs and pasta. Friendly service. Great neighborhood place for a casual meal.


This is my favorite restaurant in Oakville!

We went to The Olive Press when it first opened, and it was a little dodgy...I guess it was going through some growing pains, as it was full just about every day. I am pleased to say that it has found its groove, and continues to improve every time we visit! The food is excellent, the service is fun and friendly, and the atmosphere is exactly right for almost any occasion! Kudos to the entire staff, it certainly seems to be run extremely well!


Always Worked for Me

I have eaten at this restaurant a number of times sometimes with my sons and husband, sometimes with a girlfriend. We always go early in the night around 6pm and have never had to wait for a table. The bread is excellent, always a treat and a good sign of what is to come. The service has been good. My favourite entree is the Honeymoon LInguini, tons of seafood in a delicious homemade sauce. We're taking my son and his buddy there tonight for his 14th birthday. My expectations are high.


Good veal limone

I have a love hate realtionsip with the Olvie Press - I hate the long waits and need to hover around people leaving the bar area to grab a seat. I hate how some of the waitstaff refuse to "substitute" anything on the menu - grrr....espcially when you are willing to pay to substitute. Ok, the good stuff - the veal limone is excellent BUT - they have to give a lot more sauce! I hope the owners are paying attention. The mussels here are AMAZING - dont mess with the recipie - it is a winning formula. The chicken parm, is greasy but my wife likes it.



This place gave me food poisoning. For a mid level restaurant in 2011 I think that's more than enough said. If this happened to anyone else between April 18 and 24 please post.


The food quality was good. Portions weren't great, especially on appetizers. Service was very very poor.


Enjoyable time @ Olive Press

INITIAL: Our family decided to go try out this restaurant for Father's Day dinner, and at the end, we were glad with our choice (being not too familiar with Italian restaurants) ATMOSPHERE: It is very spacious inside the restaurant, and the whole place seems clean and nicely decorated. It gives you the warm and home feeling, very relaxed, and ready to eat! FOOD: One thing that particularly stood out for me was their bread (which was complementary). Of the times I went there, the bread was very fresh and warm. I ordered a variety of pizza and some appetizers that were good. The food overall was adequate, and I would definitely go back to try the pastas and maybe the desserts. SERVICE: The staff were friendly and the service was pretty good. Only during busy times is when their service is not as good, but that is to be expected when the restaurant is packed. OVERALL: This restaurant would definitely be a place I would recommend for group of friends having casual dinner, or with family. The price range is reasonable for an Italian restaurant situated in Oakville. Enjoy! Hope my review has helped! =)


Great Place!

Took some guests from Montreal here a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great food, great atmosphere and great service. Looks like a franchise but that's not necessarily a bad thing.


Not the best time there

I have been here before but this time the waiter was really rude, so much so that we all discussed not tipping him, but he went and added the tip on to the bill anyway, despite us not being a table of 10. Dessert was also stale chocolate cake and they had run out of of on of the four choices...Main meals were all delicious, shame about the waiter...


Excellent Value

very fair wine prices, best in oakville GTA forsure friendly service menu covers all italian options

Outing Type: Casual

Price Range: $60per person


Birthday Dinner

We went for my best friend's birthday dinner. We made reservations for 745 and we arrived at 750. Two of our friends arrived earlier and they were seated. The manager came up to them and told them they were going to give away the table, because we were LATE. Pardon! we were 5 mins late. The restaurant was hot and we had a large table. They crammed out table in between 3 other room to move. I ordered pasta and we all shared each other apps. I have a food allergy, so I got them to prepare a tomato sauce spaghetti with veggies. It was over cooked, soggy, too much water and too spicy. Alternatively, everyone else enjoyed their pasta. NEVER going back

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