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I have been a client of Carte Blanche Haute Coiffure since it first opened and absolutely love this salon! Staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable. The assistants offer you refreshments on a consistent basis with a drink menu you can select from (complimentary of course). My stylist is an excellent colorist as I get asked often where I have my hair highlighted. Blonde is a difficult color to get right and mine stays shiny and vibrant. As an additional bonus you are treated to a scalp massage during your hair wash which feels incredible! Salon is always so clean and is professionally decorated in a high end modern look. The beauty of the salon itself is enough to check it out! Prices are also very reasonable compared to some downtown salons. Can't say enough great things about this place, I will keep coming here for years to come!!


So disappointed!

I went for an "easy" updo and walked out so dissappointed, actually more than disappointed. I did not want ringletts, I got ringletts, I didn't want my extensions to show, they were completely visable and actually falling out in the back and one was actually showing the clip on my forehead! I just wanted a simple twist in the back, (pic shown to stylist) I got about ten bobby pins that were showing and falling out. One actually came right out when I went to feel the none existant twist on my head on the way home. The ringletts I was told were going to loosen and look like a natural wave, they did not loosen one bit! I had to take a flat iron to them, and they are still curly right now. Honestly I was rushed because someone else was waiting, this person did not listen to word I said or wanted, I ended up having to take the entire hair do out, including all the extensions, and redo it all when I got home. I should have taken before and after pictures! I am disgusted that something that awful costed me $90, plus then $15 tip ... which I should not have given what so ever. No website or email address or I would have directly contacted this hair salon.


Great Salon and Spa

My first experience at Carte Blanche was just the other day, and I really don't know why I waited so long to try it out. I have been going downtown for many years to get my hair cut and colored and although I have always been satisfied, the time and money spent on parking really made it bothersome. I booked for a color and trim followed waxing and a pedicure in the spa. I didn't have to wait I was taken right away, the stylist was educated, motivated and really helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my hair. Also, the young girl who washed my hair gave me the best scalp massage I've ever gotten. I felt like a million bucks and I still had my time in the spa to look forward to! The spa was impeccably clean and my waxing was probably the least painful it's ever been. My pedicure was heavenly, she really took care of my feet and I never felt rushed. I ended up sitting for a bit after with a glass of wine because I didn't want to leave. I have already booked my next appointment and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.


Great salon

I had my hair done at Carte Blanche recently (cut and colour treatment) and I thought it was a beautiful salon. It is very professional and I loved the staff. My hair stylist was great. Very personable and friendly. I loved my hair and would definitely go again! Great experience overall.


Very Satisfied

Offered a haircut to my wife for her birthday. It was her first time at Carte Blanche and I was a bit nervous after reading the most recent review. She came back very satisfied. She mentioned the parking was easy and free. They also served her tea. Most important, my kids and I found her hair very beautiful. I should also mentioned that I appreciated being able to obtain info in French. Thank you. Patrick


Over priced and not personal

Like stylist, but find this salon to be cold and unfriendly. Too many people, cold decor and way overpriced! Will be looking for a new place, have been a client since it opened about 5 years ago.

June 7, 2012

We are so sorry to hear that you find our flagship salon and spa "cold", as customer service is our number one priority. We strive to give all clients a warm and welcoming experience rather then just a service. We are always open to criticism and welcome all clients to voice any concerns they may have. In response to our decor, we pride ourselves for having the most luxurious, sophisticated and clean salon in all of Ottawa, as we have recently been nominated for salon design of the year! We are a very busy salon which is why we recently expanded to over double the size of the previous location. Our clientele continues to grow, so we have hired more team members to accommodate our clients every desire. Even with our added amenities, Carte Blanche has not raised our prices in over 3 years.


Happy Client:)

I have been a loyal client of Carte Blanche for 4.5 yrs. The entire staff from the reception to the spa girls to the hairstylists are always helpful, friendly and professional. I started seeing Roy (the owner) for my hair at the smaller location and followed him to his brand new gorgeous salon this Nov. He is always attentive, knowledgeable, passionate and full of life at our appointments. I go to Carte Blanche for cutting edge styles and colour. I always feel like a new woman after each appointment. I recommend Carte Blanche to everyone!


Carte Blanche

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the service at Carte Blanche. Roy is my stylist and keeps me up to date with age appropriate styles. As a male client, I look especially forward to the hot towel and facial massage. If you've had a stressfull week, it's a great perk. Love the location also, it's a high end Salon right in your own neightborhood.


Great Experience

My wife and I just moved to the Orleans area and had heard about Carte Blanche Spa and Salon from a neighbour. They advised that it a very high end salon in the Orleans area. We booked an appointment and had our visit on Tuesday. My wife was very impressed with the decor and set up of the salon. She was going in for a color and cut and I was just doing a trim. The staff was very friendly and professional. It was nice to have a comfy pair of slippers to put on your feet instead of those plastic foot covers that other salons give you instead. My cut was with who at the time I didnt know was the owner. We chatted away the whole time and for a young owner he was very proffesional and entertaining. My wife took longer so I sat and read while waiting, the staff checking on me to make sure that I didnt need anything was very thoughtful and far from anything I was use to. My wife was thrilled with her hair and the service she received. She has been to many salons in the west end and even downtown, and she has now found her new place. We have now since recommended Carte Blanche to our friends and family, it is nice to have such a high end salon in Orleans. Keep up the good work. Your new neighbours Jay and Sara!!!


best service

I have been to all of the salons in Orleans and carte blanche is by far the best salon i have ever been to and recommended all my friends to and they were really happy , My stylist is (Sophie) and i would like to say that the rest of the staff and the owner is amazing always friendly and smiling every time i had an issue i talked to him about it and it was taken care off very professionally, Carte blanche is a very big salon with allot of staff so i can imagine the stresses for an owner to deal with everyday . Continue doing what your doing and thank you for all the amazing hair styles you have given me


Depends on who you use

I have an excellent hair stylist(Robert) at Carte Blanche who I have followed for years. He provides excellent service and fantastic hair cuts and colour. Strangers stop me to see where I get my hair done. He is attentive, conscientious and has wonderful results and because of my recommendations I have other friends who now go to him too. BUT, the owner of this shop from my observations does have a very bad attitude towards his staff as well obviously as his clients from your comments. He comes in looking like he just got out of bed, scruffy and with a very poor attitude for an owner of a business that he would like to make successful. Unfortunately, I think his earlier success has gone to his head and he needs to take a good hard look at himself and decide whether he is suited for this responsibility. Please do not tarnish every other stylist there with your horrible experience but I do sympathize for sure!!. Having my hair look good each day buoys me up so I can totally feel for what happened with your hair. I hope you don't have any more experiences like that!


Terrible service; horrible hairstylist

I had been a loyal client of La Carte Blanche in Orleans for over 5 years. The owner who was also my hair stylist was always quite pleasant. I had always been quite happy with the care he took to colouring, cutting and styling my hair. However, I had a terrible experience in December which was again confirmed today. The owner and hair stylist of La Carte Blanche was late with the appointment - busy taking care of his contractors. He then quickly proceeded to wash my hair. The water was cold and he kept tangling and pulling my hair throughout the wash. He was short tempered, boorish and inconsiderate. I left with wet hair (not wanting to experience anymore of this awful treatment) paying the full amount. (expensive) I had a hair cut that was absolutely awful. I had asked him to thin it out he took chunks of hair that left holes and gaps. I couldn't style it - I couldn't do a thing with it - except tie it. So I have been wearing my hear tied in the back to hide the awful mess for a while - not having the $, time or will to cut my hair short. Today, I found a new hair stylist and she confirmed that she had not seen a cut this bad in a long time. According to the new hairstylist, it will take me another 3 months or so to grow the hair on the right side of my head to even out to the hair on my left side - while still keep a respectable length. Without a doubt, I would never recommend La Carte Blanche. There recent expansion as simply confirmed that sometimes a small business should stay small...


What to feel like a VIP

I love going for my treat at Carte Blanche. The service and trendy knowledge of all hair stylist at Carte Blanche excel any other place I have been, in Ottawa. The decor, ambiance, friendly staff. make it a true spa experience, although not cheap but worth every $. Looking forward to my next appointment, Thanks Roy, Lina and the carte blanche team

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