Orleans Optometry Dr Elio Gualtieri

1-1224 Place D'Orleans Dr, Orleans, ON K1C 7K3
Orleans Optometry Clinic is a full-service clinic located in Ottawa. We provide eye examinations for adults and children, laser eye surgery consultations, retinal scanning and much, much more. We also carry a huge selection of eyewear and contact lenses - you'll be sure to find something that fits your style and budget. More...

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Products and Services

  • Autorefraction
  • Bifocal
  • Contact Lenses Assessment
  • Contact Lenses Fitting & Teaching
  • Contact Lenses Orders
  • Designer Eyewear Frames
    • Full Eye Exam
    • Non-Contact Tonometry
    • Prescription Glasses
    • Progressive
    • Repairs And Adjustments
    • Retinal Laser Scan
    • Single Vision
    • Sunwear
    • Trifocal
  • More...
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  • Contact Lenses (Trials Available)
  • Full Eye Exam
  • Ophthalmologist On Site
  • Retinal Scanning


Orleans Optometry (613-824-2000) - Display Ad - New Patients Welcome Bilingual Services Dr. E. GUALTIERI, OD Dr. F.E. BASTIANELLI,MD.,FRCSC Diseases and Surgery of the Eyes 1-1224, Place d'Orleans Dr., Orléans ON K1C 7K3 613.824.2000 Orleans Optometry Clinic www.orleansoptometryclinic.ca Complete Family Eye Care Retinal Laser Scanning Laser Surgery Consultations Evening Appointments 1 of 3