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How times have ch...

How times have changed !! Once upon a time years ago we could not sneak out of this place and we did try without someone asking how our meal was or just saying "thanks for coming". But no more. Not even an acknowledgment from two servers we had to pass between on the way to the door. Obviously their conversation was more important. Now that's just plain rude. As much as we enjoy Red Lobster the one in Oshawa is not our sole choice.

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Don't go if your by yourself

One Saturday I was out shopping alone and decided I would stop in at Red Lobster and have some lunch as I have done this many times before. I am a frequent customer to this location but on this day it made me re-evalulate my opinion. I arrived at the restaurant at 12:55 p.m. and was told it would be about 10 minutes and I was ok with that, there were 4 others waiting for a table. They were seated soon after I arrived and I was the only one waiting. Several people left as they had to walk in front of me to leave and I know one server came out and said tables 3 and 13 were clean. I could see several available tables from where I was sitting. After 20 minutes I asked how much longer and was told another 10 to 15 minutes. I just walked out at that point. I came to the conclusion that I must have had to wait for a smaller table as I was by myself and because of that I was not permitted to have lunch. I did send a message to the other sight but have not heard back from them..If this is any idication of how customers are going to be treated, I will not be going back and neither will by family and friends.

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For the price, this place has gone downhill over the years. The seafood portions got smaller and overcooked in my opinion. Liked the lobster bisque which is no longer on the menu as well

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Never going back!!!

Recently my family and I went to Red Lobster as the all you can eat shrimp special was on. I have 2 small children 4 and 2 years old and they don't eat much to begin with so we normally just let them pick from our plate. We've done it many times there and also at other restaurants. We just let the server know to have an extra dish as the kids will be sharing. WELL, our last visit the server told us that we cannot do that and we HAVE to order from the kids menu. She was really rude about it and said that she would ask the manager but it's a waste of time because she knows the answer will be "no". She left for like what seemed to be 10 mins, came back and said the answer is no as I said before. She just turned my stomach and then the manager came to our table and I explained what was wrong. I told him he lost the order because of the rude server and we wil never come back again. It was like she owned the company or something. Any other time we have been there and had different servers they were so accomidating and had no problem with the kids having some of or food. My son always gets the garlic shrimp so I was going to order just a side dish for him so it's not like he wasn't ordering anything. My husband and mother in law were all ordering thr 19.00 all you can eat shrimp. So it's not like we were all eating from one plate and sharing with each other, it was just the kids. They wanted us to pay each person the 19.00 or they could order from the kids menu. What a place!

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  • Seafood
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