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The Fish Market Restaurant

54 York St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5T1
Enjoy a light meal and a delicious drink at The Fish Market Restaurant in Ottawa. Enjoy dishes such as mussels, fish and chips or even steak, paired with the perfect wine off our wine list. To book a table, call us today.

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Loved the vibe. G...

Loved the vibe. Great wine selection, Delicious food, and wonderful staff. Together, it made for an outstanding experience.

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Good Place to go

I went to the Fish Market only once and had pretty good food! Well I had the chicken, it was good! I wish I had tried the seafood though. Anyways, the service was pretty good and we enjoyed our time over there! I may go back!

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Avoid all you can eat

All you can eat mussels. *NOT*! Small plate, and waiter controls how often they drop by. In 1 1/2 hour I got 3 plates. Each plate taken up by large shells with puny mussels inside. All 3 plates amounts to one appetizer at best. Wife got pasta which was all right but simple. Fireplace too hot too close, other tables don't benefit from it. Décor very bland and empty. Some plants might help. Lighting across the wall. Something, anything. Doesn't measure up at all this place.

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Doesn't seem like many people have been to this restaurant lately from the Restaurantica world! I would say it should be rated way higher than it is. I went with my fiancee for a special evening and it was well worth it. We both love seafood, and didn't want the generic frozen fish and seafood you get at some places. I particularly love catfish, and this was the best I remember having. Blackened AND with a creole sauce! So good. My fiancee had tuna, which is a bit too meaty for me, but she sure enjoyed it. It seemed like a nice sauce ( I didn't try it, so I can't vouch for it personally, lol ), and she told me it really accentuated the flavour of the tuna. Oh, I almost forgot, we had poutine for an appetizer! Lol, they have a lobster poutine, who would have thought... I'd go back for that in a second. The server was funny, he chatted with us throughout our meal and recommended a couple skewers of shrimp to go with our meal. If your server doesn't ask, get these things! They are super cheap and a fun little bonus. Dessert had to be shared, we had a ton of food, but we managed to fit in an apple cobbler. My recommendation: Go and check this place out, don't believe the haters, lol.

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good fish

Although it is pretty pricey, the fish was not to bad, although they advertised fresh, i believe it was not, good flavoring though, and i would for sure give it another try . The atmosphere was not one of my favorites, although it was a like a typical fish market. The service was very slow and instead of asking us what we would like to drink the server would keep saying i will be back in a minute, and we waited each time for this.

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Serving pollock as halibut!

I went to the coasters seafood grill upstairs from the fish market restaurant for the second time because the first time I had a good experience. This time I ordered the HALIBUT fish and chips. When I got the order I started eating and I realized it wasn't halibut. AND I AM SURE OF THIS BECAUSE MY PARENTS OWNED AND RAN A FISH AND CHIPS RESTAURANT FOR OVER 10 YEARS! I thought they just made an honest mistake. When I told the server they had mistakenly served us something other than halibut. The server went back to the cook and asked him and she came back and told us that it was indeed halibut. It was very obvious that this fish wasn't halibut. I also know the difference between the taste of the two different fish. JUST A WARNING FOR ANYONE WHO IS PLANNING ON EATING AT COASTERS SEAFOOD GRILL.. IF YOU ORDER THE HALIBUT FISH AND CHIPS, MAKE SURE IT'S HALIBUT! even till the end the manager said it was halibut... I couldn't believe a SEAFOOD restaurant staff and cook didn't know the difference between halibut fish and pollock fish... very disappointing...

Outing Type: Casual

Price Range: $25per person

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The lobster sucked

Having grown up on the east coast I have a very good idea of how seafood should taste. I took my girlfriend here for our 2 year anniversary, I ordered the maritime platter which is a 50 dollar plate, and she ordered seafood/scallop linguini. They gave us complimentary appetizers which was very nice, after waiting a reasonable amount of time my meal arrived, it was HUGE. A full lobster, 4 king crab legs, smoked salmon, scallops, 5 jumbo shrimp (I got extra shrimp because I didn't want the crab stuffed mushrooms), rice pilaf and veggies. The meal looked incredible, unfortunately it was very far from incredibly tasting. The lobster tasted like it had a yeast infection, the shrimp was very dry, the salmon was extremely dry, the scallops were just... not right. The crab legs were the most normal tasting item on the plate, but even then the butter dip was also not very good. The entire plate was way too dry, almost as if it was sitting under a heat lamp for a half an hour. The service was excellent, but I probably won't go back

Price Range: $60per person

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Officially my worst dining experience ... EVER !

Picture this, finally a night out with my wife without kids. Living in Ottawa we rarely get the chance to get to the market due to family, so for our night off we head there. It's been a while since we have gone to the Fish Market, so hey why not. Oh, my what a mistake. In the middle of dinner, there is some bad luck and the fire alarm goes off, everyone needs to leave. About 3/4 of an hour later we are allowed to go back in, our food has been taken away to be re-cooked (I assume via Microwave). This turned average food into nothing better then eating a rubber chicken. Here is the insult though, the bill came and everything was full price. On my way out the door I questioned the rational for not discounting at least the $10 appetizer (after all the total bill was 140). The response from the hostess shocked me. "We lost so much business because of the fire alarm, we can't afford to." Now there is a customer first attitude. Cheers Ben

Price Range: $100per person

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  • Seafood Restaurant

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