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No customer servi...

No customer service had 2 bad experiences 1 was the red ring of death for the Xbox they sent it out we got the call to come in and they would replace it because we had the warranty we drove 45 min to get there to find out yes we can have a new one but they didn't have a new one there so we left 2 days later another call come pick up your machine they had a new one for us go again no they couldn't tell the difference between a new one and the old one that didn't work that got returned in our name


Needed 2 transfor...

Needed 2 transformer DVDs for Christmas gift. Future Shop had them on sale.Out of stock.Paid to have them ordered. Girl said she would call in a week. Waited 9 days --NO CALL Called on 10th day. Fellow said they were in 2 days ago. Asked why I wasn't called, said person was on vacation and person who was doing job didn't know the job. Bad Bad customer service. NEVER ENTER STORE AGAIN.recroom_teddy

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