We were first established in 1984 and we pride ourselves in serving you the best and fastest Chinese food available in Toronto.The concept of Noodle Delight is to deliver quality Chinese food in a quick and easy manner. Our restaurant features a counter where you place your order and an open kitchen where your food is prepared for you right in front of your eyes! Once the food is ready, you simply take it to a seat of your choosing. More...
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definitely a delight

Noodle Delight is a great place for a quick, tasty and inexpensive lunch. You place your order and a chef starts cooking right away. Nothing fancy but very tasty. Over the years I've tried most of the dishes and they have all become favourites although the tomato, egg plant and broccoli on rice is my most favourite. It just beats out the noodle delight, which is bean sprouts and beef in a sauce served on top of crsipy noodles. The decor is cafeteria style but, what the hell, this is lunch, no time to gawk at the scenery, the boss is waiting.

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Chinese FAST food at its finest! Visit again...

Chinese FAST food at its finest! Visit again? YES! YES! YES! Upon ordering your meal, it is cooked right there in the kitchen and you can see it being prepared while you wait for it at the counter. My meal (the many dishes i ordered) arrives in only 5 minutes or less and it is amazingly fresh and PIPING HOT! This is definitely FASTFOOD!!! The restaurant has booths and fixed tables with fixed seats, lots of seats to choose from. This is the best singapore noodles i ever ate, it is super super spicy and flavorful the way it ought to be. The wonton soup has a good flavorful broth and all the wontons are shrimp-filled and tender/delicate....very good soup! The kobe beef noodle has plenty of delicious tender beef slices and onions too! The yang chow fried rice is pretty good, better than average with mixed veggies and egg and some meat, pretty tasty for rice! The deep fried stuffed tofu was crisp on the outside and meaty on the inside, fresh and hot, nice with the soy sauce. Noodle Delight is the best chinese FAST food ever! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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The place was a bit dirty considering its a brand...

The place was a bit dirty considering its a brand new plaza. I decided to eat there anyways. The brisket was unbelievably low quality and the noodles tasted like flour and were bland. This was one of the worst meals I ever had.

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