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Destroyed my hair

This place ruined my fade. I asked for #2 on the sides and #1 at the very bottom. I even showed the barber a picture of how my hair looked to give him a firm idea of how to cut it... and the barber zinged the top of my hair with #2...essentially making me bald. The fade isn't smooth...it has many lines...i have bruising around my forehead and neck where the barber essentially skinned me with the liner. The barber was new, I get it...but he had no idea what he was doing. He took over 45 minutes to cut my hair after zinging the top with #2. He also kept my $20 as he conveniently had no change...I was in a rush at this point, and couldn't go get change myself. I'll never go there again...I DO NOT recommend this place. There are plenty of good barbershops in Scarborough for far less $.

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