Cosy Grill Restaurant & Tavern

361 Lake St, St Catharines, ON L2N 4H5
"Home of the Wong Number"
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Terrible..had foo...

Terrible..had food delivered as we DID NOT want to leave the sweet n sour sauce for our chicken, chow mein was soggy and filled with water, bbq ribs had no sauce on them, chicken fried rice had no chicken and tasted like rubber, fortune cookies were stale..paid for delivery and when called about our sauce for chicken balls they said we could pick it up or pay for rede livery but it would be "a long long time"...worse Chinese food ever

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I just ate take o...

I just ate take out from there for the first time. I asked for no MSG. I ordered the Wong number 3 (chicken almond vegetable, fried rice and egg roll) with a small wonton soup. Worst Chinese I've ever had. Barely any chicken and vegetables as it was mostly rice. No taste to the food and the wonton soup was horrible. I mentioned the no MSG part as I have an allergy to it. Needless to say I'm feeling the effects of that allergy as their must have been msg in it. I'm not impressed. Will never eat there again and I even told them it was my 1st time trying the food. Horrible. I'll gladly drive to Welland any time for my Chinese.

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Very disappointing. Dinner for 5 plus one soup. Cost $60. We all each only got two chicken balls, came with NO red sauce. Only 5 little pkgs of plum sauce. Peppers and beef...WHERE"S THE BEEF> huge chunks of raw peppers. One small container of very dry fried rice. We will never again order from here. The egg rolls were chewy, definitively re-heated. Just terrible. Hate spending that kind of money for horrific. Very disappointing for the kids that were really looking forward to this treat.

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We ALWAYS order take out from Cosy. I first discovered their food as a young child with my family. When my family wanted Chinese food this is what we would always order. Growing up, over the years I have come to try numerous Chinese restaurants, but none compare to Cosy. It is still my number one go to place when I'm in the mood for Chinese. We usually order the Won Ton Soup, Egg Drop soup (I love their Egg Drop soup and especially when I'm sick I'll call and order a large Egg Drop Soup for take out). The Egg Drop Soup has lots of egg in it, mushrooms, green onions, and peas. My favourite soup! We also always order the Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls, Egg Rolls, Moo Goo Guy pan ( I love the Moo Goo Guy Pan because it has lots of tender (white meat) chicken, lots of mushrooms, celery, and onions in a delicious sauce. I can never get enough of this dish. So good! And the chicken is always cooked perfectly. Never dry or over done.) I go for more of the dishes with chicken or with seafood in it, but my boyfriend really enjoys the Beef with Green Peppers, and when I'm feeling like something different besides all the chicken dishes I will have the Beef and Peppers or the Beef and Broccoli. I enjoy the beef too. We also always go for the Chicken Fried Rice or the Shrimp Fried Rice depending what mood we're in. You can't go wrong with either one. We both enjoy topping the rice with the Sweet and Sour Sauce. And what's the best part about Chinese food? The Fortune Cookies! We always look forward to them at the end of our meal. Something fun and a nice little sweet way to end the meal. We usually get takeout from the Cosy, but when we do dine in we enjoy the the interior of the restaurant. It is quite unique and personal to the restaurant. The staff are always pleasant. When you call to order take out they always read back your order to make sure it is right, they let you know the total and how long it will be and you can tell they care. Like I said before, I have been going to Cosy for YEARS and I can't remember a single time where we've ever had our order messed up. They're always on top of their game! Great job! We'll be back forsure :)

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I've been a customer for over 40 years and there is a reason: It's GREAT Chinese food! It's not quite cuisine but this is perfect Chinese comfort dining at its best. The dining room has not changed much in all this time but that's OK, I come for the great food. Service is always good. Their combination plates always include fresh soup and egg/spring roll. What's great about this place is its consistency. I know what to expect. The prices are very reasonable. Come for the lunch specials and you won't be disappointed. They also have take away.

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We are faithful customers and have been for years! Anytime we have company or are looking for a delicious night out we always go to Cosy or order takeout. The food is outstanding and the service is friendly. They do it all right, thats the reason why it has been a family owned and operated company for over 40 years! I recommend Cosy to anyone who loves Chinese food.

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Lemon Balls

I have never had chicken balls doused in lemon sauce and served as lemon chicken before. sad. This is mall food court fare at best.

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One of the best chinese restaurants I have ever...

One of the best chinese restaurants I have ever been to, have been eating here since a child, lifetime customer right here

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everything is always delicious, the home made...

everything is always delicious, the home made authenticity is hard to come by and Cosy accomplishes it time and time again.

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Chicken Balls, Egg Rolls, Wontons... all made by...

Chicken Balls, Egg Rolls, Wontons... all made by hand on site... does anyone else still do this? The interior is cavernous and out-dated but the food is reliable. There is a reason these people have been around for 40+ years i've been here many times in the past few years and will continue to visit in the future

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Great Lunch Combo's. 'Wong Numbers'. Sort of...

Great Lunch Combo's. 'Wong Numbers'. Sort of China visits America type of food. Excellent Service. Great value for money. Soup, eggroll, and two courses for a five spot, with taxes! (drinks extra) Very hard to go wrong here at lunch. Cheers!

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Opening Hours

Weekends By Appointments

Business Details

Methods of Payment


  • $11 To $25

Restaurant type

  • Bar

Cuisine type

  • Chinese
  • Cantonese


  • Noodles
  • Hot Meal
  • Chow Mein


  • Restaurant With Bar
  • Group Reservation
  • Alcohol Served


  • Family
  • Casual
  • Business

Products and Services

  • No MSG On Request
  • Lunch And Dinner
  • Lounge And Party Facilities
  • Dine-In Lunch Combos Starting At $4.99
  • Air Conditioning Dining


  • Sweet And Sour Chicken Balls

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Cantonese

Getting There

  • At The Intersection Of Scott And Lake